Why Office Aesthetics Matter

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When you think of an office, the images that likely come to mind are of cubicles, fluorescent lighting and grey partitions. However, with the rise of newer and younger companies, the boring look of conventional offices is slowly getting phased out. Nowadays, tech companies and nimble startups do their best to make sure that the workplace is colourful and exciting while also being conducive to healthy work habits. To do this, companies might hire professional interior painters to liven up the space, add a lounging area for the employees, get a vending machine and so on.

Indeed, plenty of studies show that a great work environment has a profound effect on employee productivity and other essential aspects of a business. To understand this better, we’re going to discuss three big reasons why office aesthetics matter.

1. Attract clients and potential employees

Unfortunately, most people still judge a book by its cover. So, regardless of how great your company is you need to make sure that that greatness shows up visually.

If you’re trying to get new clients, you need your office to be clean, presentable and professional. Most modern offices have a warm, welcoming reception space with comfortable couches and chairs. Adding a few plants and cushions in the waiting area can also help you make a great first impression. Additionally, it’s also good to have a clean and quiet room for client meetings. This will put the client at ease and make them more comfortable talking about their needs and what they want from the company. All of this will convey the message to your potential clients that your business is trustworthy and valuable.

When it comes to hiring new employees, you need to make sure that the working space evokes excitement. Yes, functionality is paramount. However, the employees that you’re hiring will never experience the functionality of your workspace until they agree to work there. Because of this, you need to make sure that there are visual attractions in your office space. This could be colourful wall art, bean bags, pool tables and so on. Open office layouts and glass partitions are also great since they’re both functional and aesthetic.

2. Can help with employee productivity

After a while, the excitement that the employees get from the wall art and the bean bags will eventually fade. However, there is one aesthetic feature that can stand the test of time: nature.

Studies have shown that scenic views of lush trees and green hills can improve the mood of employees and subsequently boost their productivity. Even just a makeshift terrace garden provides a similar effect. After staring at a blue computer screen all day, looking at a natural scene allows our eyes to refocus. This refocusing reduces fatigue and allows us to work more effectively.

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So, as much as possible, try to add slices of nature to your workplace. If you have the budget for it, getting an office space with a great view or an outdoor area can go a long way. If you don’t, you can simply create a small indoor garden and get as much natural light as possible.

3. Will give workers a sense of belonging and purpose

The Japanese video game company Bandai Namco has one of the more exciting offices in the industry. Their office has art on the walls, arcade machines, a library of games, figures and pretty much everything a gamer enjoys.

All of this is important as they remind the employees of their passions. When employees begin to feel fatigued, they can take a break and take in all the gaming goodness around the office. Hopefully, this will motivate them and remind them why they’re working there in the first place. These decorations and features might remind them of the common end goal that they’re all working towards: the release of a brand new video game.

This idea can also work in other industries. Maybe a cleaning company can use aesthetics to remind employees of the difference they’re making in the local community. Perhaps a manufacturing company can display finished products to remind workers of what they’re able to create. Whatever industry you’re in, visual reminders can be a strong tool indeed.

As you can see, aesthetic features do more than just make your company look good on Google My Business. Office aesthetics help you gain more clients, keep your workers happy and reinforce the company’s mission. If you’re looking to redesign your office space, be sure to talk to professional commercial painters, fit-out specialists or office renovators. They should be able to help you with budgeting as well as coming up with a design that fits your business.