How to Choose the Right Kitchen Benchtops?

Stone Benchtops Melbourne

When it comes to choosing the perfect Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne, customers find themselves surrounded by questions. There are a lot of choices and it can be very difficult to find the perfect stone.

The first way to narrow down a choice is to think about how much one can afford to spend. And then there are other factors like appearance, durability, etc.  Stone Benchtops are available in many different kinds of materials. The choice of the benchtops is based on at least these three factors including:

  • Cost of the benchtops
  • Style options available
  • Level of maintenance required

It is important to learn about the different properties of a stone before investing in it. Do not miss on the buyer’s guide to kitchen benchtops. Let us discuss in detail the various options available for Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne:

  • Granite

Granite is the most common hard wearing and durable material for granite benchtops in Melbourne. It is known for its longevity and wonderful appearance. The sturdiness of the materials used means that it is not entirely cheap and is one of the most expensive options.

Granite Benchtops in Melbourne are available in almost any colour, the light coloured stone is known to pick up stains unless resealed periodically. A lot of effort goes into building granite benchtops and it requires a considerable amount of energy. This environmentally friendly benchtop is the best option in all situations.

  • Caesarstone

Caesarstone benchtops in Melbourne is engineered from quartz and special resins. This makes it more scratch and stain resistant than granite. As a manufactured product Caesarstone Benchtops in Melbourne comes in a number of styles and colours that can’t be duplicated like natural stone benchtops.

  • Laminate

Laminate is a very popular option and is available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Being extremely affordable, the laminate is long-lasting and easy to maintain making it a great option for benchtops. It can be prone to heat and impact damage but has antimicrobial properties and wear resistance.

  • Engineered Stone/Quartz

Stone benchtops in Melbourne are a great alternative for those who are after an environmentally friendly and natural benchtop. Affordable stone has good temperature and impact resistance and can provide a contemporary look to a kitchen. Despite having good impact resistance, the material is prone to chipping. Engineered stone is pre-sealed and does not require resealing for a few years.

  • Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is becoming a popular benchtops material, is cheap, easy to install and flexible in usage. It can be easily coloured and is a good option for a custom-made design. However polished concrete remains durable over time.

  • Marble

These are the best benchtops and will look great in a kitchen. Marble requires special installation because it is highly porous. It stains easily and requires regular resealing. The best thing about marble is that it is incredibly beautiful and looks wonderful on any property.

  • Timber

Timber benchtops provide a homely and warm feeling to the interiors. It is a lightweight material which is advantageous coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is a lot easier to pair with other materials present in a kitchen. It can absorb moisture and be prone to stains and scratching. This type of benchtops is easy to maintain requiring sanding and resealing often.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic benches like laminate are another popular choice. They require little maintenance and are also a great option for those with busy schedules or properties when one does not need to deal with maintenance. It can be more expensive than granite and engineered benchtops. Another advantage is that there are no visible joins and the stone is a great choice for long benchtops. It is crack resistant and can be repaired or repolished with much ease.


Thus we see that there a number of options of kitchen benchtops in Melbourne to choose from. That product is the best choice which is the most suitable for a property. The special features of benchtops that need to be considered are safety, durability, strength, aesthetic appeal and cost.