How to Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

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Employee collaboration can have countless benefits for a business, and when done successfully it can have incredible results. A team that works together effectively will be more likely to meet deadlines, lower costs and produce better work, with everyone on the team having their strengths utilised.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Getting your team on the same page is more complicated than just having competent, smart employees. Meeting company expectations can be more challenging as a group, as the responsibilities are shared and there are many more moving pieces to consider.

If your team needs help with its communication abilities, here are some of the best ways you can encourage and facilitate successful and effective communication in the workplace.

Have an open plane space

While we use glass splashbacks in our kitchens and glass fencing around our pools, glass can also be used in the office to create an open, flowing floor plan that encourages communication and ditches hierarchies. Glass office partitions have a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, all while keeping everybody connected yet still allowing for sound insulation when needed.

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Creating overlap zones throughout the office where employees can have unplanned interactions and share ideas with one another is another great way to encourage natural communication, and glass partitions can be used to designate these areas. Read here a few ideas on how to Update a tired office space.

Encourage socialisation in and outside of work

When your team members spend time together outside of work, it helps them develop deeper bonds and see each other for who they are rather than just their job title.

Organising team building activities or outings for your staff to attend outside of work can be a great way to break the ice, allowing for employees to socialise in a more informal setting and with less pressure on them. The key is for everyone to not feel like they’re attending a corporate event, and instead have it feel like a social outing with friends.

Use an online platform

With so many businesses now offering flexible work arrangements, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable online platform to clearly communicate and stay on the same page. This will make it easier for staff to collaborate whether they’re on different floors or at different ends of the country.

Your chosen platform should allow you to send and receive messages, share files, find relevant information and ask questions. Staff should also be able to message team members directly or share things with the group to help reach the team’s shared goals as best possible.

Have clear and precise goals

For any team to work effectively, they need to know the goals of their organisation. Failure to communicate your expectations can lead to confusion and misinformation being spread, jeopardising the final results and the progress made in achieving said goals.

A good way to avoid this is to have a daily meeting in which you discuss what needs to be achieved and each member can share what they’re working on and any questions they may have.

Distribute responsibilities properly

If your team is all working towards the same goal, the work should be distributed equally and fairly. No team member should be dumped with more work than another, and no one should be glazing by with minimal responsibilities.

When distributing tasks, it’s important to keep everyone’s strengths in mind, too. Some employees may be better suited to planning and organising, whereas others may be better at public speaking and presentations. Dividing everyone’s responsibilities by their strengths will help your team be successful, as everyone will be in their element and comfortable with their role within the team.