How to Clean and Maintain Office Chairs

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We all know how important office cleaning is to the functioning of a business. Regular cleaning is vital for employee health and wellbeing, productivity and client perceptions of your business. So, while your office may be receiving regular commercial cleaning, chances are there is one significant part of your furniture that is being overlooked: Your office chairs.

The chairs in your office – whether it’s your desk chairs, boardroom chairs, break room chairs or even office sofas – tend to get overlooked during regular cleaning. And this is bad. Chairs have significant contact with bodies and can quickly become havens for bacteria. They are subject to regular spills and food crumbs and yet they are rarely thoroughly cleaned.

The last thing you want to do is roll out a chair for an important client only to find it has a big coffee stain across the upholstery.

To make sure you have clean and hygienic chairs, we’re going to run you through the basics of cleaning office chairs.

Check the cleaning tag

Before you start cleaning, it’s important to check the cleaning tag, usually located on the bottom of the chair. This should indicate the best type of cleaner to be used on the chair.

There are generally three types of cleaner that the tag will recommend:

S – solvent-based solution
W – water-based solvent
SW – either type of cleaner is acceptable

You should always try to use the recommended type of cleaner to ensure the best results and avoid any potential damage while cleaning.

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Clean spills immediately

One of the best ways to keep your office chairs clean is to clean any spills as soon as they happen. Giving a stain time to settle in will make the damage worse, make it harder to remove and set up a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s helpful to remind everyone in the office about why this is important and to supply the appropriate cleaning cloths and fabric spray.

Clean the upholstery

Cleaning the upholstery is the most important and time-consuming step when it comes to cleaning office chairs. The upholstery is the area of the chair most like to get stained, to take in moisture and start giving off odours. So, making sure it’s thoroughly and deeply cleaned from time to time is essential.

To start, you will need to vacuum the upholstery to get out as much dirt, dust and debris as you can. Once the upholstery has been vacuumed, you can start the cleaning. Make sure you’re using the appropriate cleaning product for that type of material. If you’re uncertain, test a small amount of cleaning solution on a corner of fabric to make sure that no damage or discolouration occurs.

Once you’re satisfied you have the right cleaning solution, wash or shampoo the upholstery as per the instructions on the cleaner. Make sure you get a good, deep clean and repeat if necessary.

Once this is done, leave the chairs in a well-ventilated area to dry. Ensure you leave ample time for the upholstery to completely dry.

Wipe over the chair

Once the upholstery has been washed, wipe over the rest of the chair with a damp cloth. Make sure you get the chair arms, legs and all the underside areas. It’s also worth wiping down the wheels. Don’t forget to disinfect the parts of the chair that are regularly touched, including the seat, armrests and adjustment mechanisms.

Check the adjustment mechanisms

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows that a squeaky chair can drive you mad. Be sure to check over the chair to ensure all adjustment mechanisms are working smoothly and that there are no annoying squeaks or creaks. When I only started taking tramadol, my biggest fear was an addiction. But I was assured by my doctor that it won’t develop if I follow all the recommendations. A simple spray with a lubricating solution like WD-40 is usually enough to ensure a smooth-running chair.

Don’t underestimate the importance of clean and properly functioning office chairs. For a lot of people, they will spend almost as much time in their work chair each week as they do in their bed. So, making sure the chair is clean, comfortable and properly functioning is essential any office worker.