5 Benefits of a Smart Pool

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Smart technology has infiltrated our daily lives. Everywhere you look, you’ll see smartphones, smart cars, smartwatches and smart refrigerators. Even pool companies have joined in on the fun with smart swimming pools becoming increasingly popular.

So, what exactly is a smart device? Well, smart products are electronic devices that are interconnected with other devices via a wireless network such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 5G.

This level of connectivity has made many aspects of our lives much more interconnected and convenient. It allows us to control our thermostat, speakers and lighting systems with our mobile devices or tablets. This means we can automate the heating cycles of our homes, turn off the living room lights while we’re at work and turn up our speakers while we’re on the other side of the room.

When it comes to smart pools, however, the benefits of smart technology might not be as obvious. That’s why, in this blog, we’re going to go over 5 advantages of having a smart pool.

  1. Self-cleaning

No matter how excited you are about swimming, cleaning your pool will inevitably become one of those annoying chores. And just like every other chore, it will become really hard to motivate yourself to get through it. If you leave it for long enough, your once beautiful pool can easily become an unsightly and unhygienic green mess.

With smart pools, however, you don’t need to worry about this. Smart pools have a series of automated nozzles that push debris towards the drain and spread cleaning chemicals evenly throughout the pool. These smart nozzles will ensure that no algae grow on your pool walls and flooring.

With a smart pool system, you have complete control of the cleaning cycles from your connected device. Forgot to clean your pool before the big family gathering tonight? Don’t worry. You can simply use your mobile device to remotely activate the cleaning cycle. When you get home, the pool will be clean and ready to use.

  1. Temperature control

If you want to take a dip during the colder months, you need an efficient way of heating up your pool. Regular pools usually have manual temperature controls and some older pools have no temperature control at all. Either of these outdated pools can be really inconvenient during winter. What if you have a pool party planned after work and forgot to turn on the heaters? What if the weather isn’t cooperating with you and your pool has become as cold as the Arctic Ocean?

With smart pools, you can simply adjust the temperature via your mobile device. Not only does this make temperature control a lot easier, it can also help you save money on energy. For example, if you forgot to turn off the pool heaters and you’ve already left for vacation, you can simply turn them off with a touch of a button on your phone.

  1. Automated pool pumps

Water circulation is important for temperature regulation and cleanliness. Pumps are designed to make sure that the water is always flowing and circulating throughout your pool system. Without functioning pumps bacteria and algae might begin to grow and expand on your pool walls and flooring.

Unfortunately, you can’t just have your pool pumps running all the time. It’s important to have a system through which you can turn your pumps on and off at proper times. With a smart pool, you can easily automate this process. Do you typically have a swim on Friday nights? If so, you can set your smart pool to start up the pumps and heaters just before you get off of work. This way, by the time you get home, your pool will be ready.

  1. Automated chlorinator

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Adding the right amount of chlorine to your pool can be tricky. Too much or too little can throw off the pH balance of your pool. If you’re not careful, a pool that’s too acidic or too basic can make the water unsafe for you and your family to swim in. Additionally, if the pH level is too high, it can negatively affect the bacteria-killing properties of chlorine.

With an automated salt chlorinator, you don’t have to worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool. A smart pool will be able to manage its own pH levels and adjust it whenever there’s changes to the pool water’s composition. Not only does this make your pool safer, it also reduces the amount of maintenance work that you need to do on a weekly basis.

  1. Control the lighting

Finally, the lights. If you want to have a swim at night, you’ll need a proper pool lighting system. With smart pools you can control your LED lights with a touch of a button. You can change the colour, the brightness and in some cases the light patterns. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be able to use your pool lights to suit the atmosphere.

There you have it, five benefits of having a smart pool. If you’re interested in having the latest swimming pools in your backyard, contact a local swimming pool builder today.