5 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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Due to the on-going pandemic, people have been spending a lot more time at home. If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, you might as well make your living space as exciting as possible.

So, to help you revamp your boring bedroom, we’ve listed five makeover ideas that’ll bring new life in your personal space. A lot of these ideas can be easily implemented over a single weekend. For some of them, however, you might need the help of professional renovators.

In general, we recommend hiring specialists to help you with anything that involves complex electrical components, heavy objects or potentially harmful substances. Also, you should keep in mind that some renovators only specialise in bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Before you hire anyone, make sure they offer the specific services that you need.

1. LED corner lamps

Getting an LED corner lamp is an easy way to add ambient lighting to your bedroom. Corner lamps typically have two horizontal legs that jut out at a 90-degree angle and a longer vertical body that sits along the corner of your room. Corner lamps are lightweight, discreet and can be remotely controlled via a mobile phone if you select one with app functionality.

You can even change the colour of the lights to suit the atmosphere you’re going for. Watching a scary movie? Why not switch it to a reddish hue? If you want something less sinister, you can also go for a cooler colour like violet or blue.

In general, ambient lighting can also help you get better sleep at night. It is a great way to transition from the bright ceiling lights to having the lights completely off. Some LED lights can even be set to a timer so that it turns off after a certain time.

2. Curtain lights

Want to add a feeling of magic and fantasy to your room? Why not add curtain lights? They’re relatively cheap and quite easy to install. You can have it on your walls, your door, your windows and, of course, your curtains. Curtain lights often have a bright yellow hue, but they also come in a variety of colours.

Additionally, you can get bulbs that have a particular shape. Indeed, it’s pretty easy to find star and moon-shaped bulbs from online retailers. If you want a customised bulb, you may be able to find custom sellers on Etsy and other e-commerce sites.

3. Artwork

A simple painting on the wall can really change your bedroom. The effect can be even greater if you’re personally attached to that painting. It could be a piece of artwork by a friend, a reproduction from your favourite artist or it could be your very own painting.

Indeed, art has a certain way of connecting with our emotions. Having an important piece of artwork in your bedroom can help you stay in touch with your feelings. A painting can motivate you, help you relax or remind you to be appreciative of your surroundings.

Of course, art isn’t limited to just paintings. They could be collages, sculptures, a photograph or even a movie poster. Try surrounding yourself with things that resonate with you emotionally.

4. Contrast

If you want certain parts of your bedroom to stand out, you need to take advantage of contrast. Now, there are a variety of ways to achieve contrast. The most obvious one is through light and dark colours. Indeed, having a darker colour on your walls will help highlight some of the lighter accents around your room.

You can also use the concepts of warm and cool colours. For example, you can try to use cool blues to contrast with some yellow or orange tones. Knowing a little bit of colour theory can also help you with your colour selections.

The other way to create contrast is through patterns. If you have a wallpaper with a complex print on it, you want your trimmings to have a flat, solid colour. Not only will this contrast make your wallpaper standout, but it’ll also make sure that you’re not oversaturating your bedroom with busy and complex patterns.

If you’re planning to repaint your walls, you’ll need the help of a professional renovator. Undertaking a painting job by yourself can lead to a subpar finish. Additionally, if you’re not experienced in home painting, a DIY paint job will likely not last very long.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors can help you check out your outfit, fix your hair, and put on your makeup. But beyond their practical uses, mirrors can also be a decorative piece. They can create an illusion of space and can spread natural light around your room.

If you don’t like the type of mirrors that you need in stores, you can get custom mirrors specifically made to your liking. You can choose the tint of the glass and the shape of the frame. With a custom mirror, you can easily match your current room decor.

Hopefully, this gave you a few ideas on how to change the look of your bedroom. As you can tell, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to breathe new life into your personal space. If you have other makeover ideas that are a bit more complex, we suggest you consult a renovation specialist. They should be able to give you information on installation methods and estimated costs.