The Advantages of Straightening Your Teeth

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Overcrowded or crooked teeth can come with many dental problems and can also leave people feeling self-conscious or insecure. With teeth straightening, your dentist can correct the alignment of your teeth and open you up to a world of improved confidence and dental health.

In Australia there are many options for straightening your teeth, and the right choice for you will depend on your age and how crooked or crowded your teeth are. Those with less severe problems can use clear aligners that are easily removed and an almost invisible appearance, whereas those who need a more drastic approach can opt for ceramic or metal braces.

If you’re curious about the many advantages of straightening your teeth, keep reading this article and see why so many people are investing in straighter, healthier teeth.

Better digestion

The straighter your teeth, the better and more effective they are at chewing the food that you consume. Chewing is the first part of the food digestion process, and the better you chew your food the faster your body will digest it. Crooked teeth move against each other while you chew and become more and more damaged over time, making it harder and harder to chew properly.

Food that’s been chewed poorly can put an extra strain on your stomach and intestines, making their job harder and affecting your gut health. This can happen no matter how healthy your diet is, which is why it’s so important that your teeth are able to easily and reliably chew your food successfully.

Teeth are easier to clean

One of the biggest dental health benefits of having straight teeth is that they are easier to clean, floss and brush. Teeth that are easier to clean mean that you are less at risk of plaque building up where food residue can get trapped, and bacteria beginning to form. When this happens you’re more likely to develop cavities and bad breath that only gets harder and harder to overcome.

Plaque deposits can also infect your gums, causing them to become red, swollen and bleed profusely. Having straight teeth means that plaque is less likely to build up and cause these problems, keeping you out of your dentist’s chair and saving you from painful, expensive treatments.

Improved speech

Your teeth play a pivotal role in your speech and dictation. If you have crooked or gapped teeth your speech patterns can be negatively impacted, making it more difficult to speak clearly and pronounce certain words correctly.

Confidence boost

Many people feel self-conscious about their teeth and even refrain from smiling or eating in public. Straightening your teeth can give you the confidence you need to come out of your shell and stop holding back in social situations.

While nobody should feel embarrassed of their smile, having one that you’re proud of can work wonders for your confidence and even improve your mental health.

Teeth are less likely to crack, break or chip

Crooked teeth or teeth that protrude are more likely to break, crack or chip, especially in the event of an accident. As they are harder to clean and keep healthy, they also are more likely to be weak and easily chipped or damaged in daily life.

Less pressure on your jaw and gums

In order to correct their movements when eating or speaking, many people with crooked teeth strain and alter their jaws. Crooked teeth can also put added pressure onto your gums, which can even lead to headaches, neck pain and more.

Straightening your teeth can help you correct your jaw alignment, relaxing your muscles and eliminating the pain that comes with clenching, grinding and forcing unnatural movements. It can also reduce headaches and pain that you experience, making your day to day life easier and more comfortable.

Teeth straightening can change your life and in many cases, invasive procedures can be avoided. Book a consultation with your dentist to discuss the best options for you and what your life could look like after your teeth are straightened.