Why Workplace Communication is so Important

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Workplace communication is one of the most important aspects of every organisation, across all levels and departments. Not only is it crucial in delivering valuable information to employees, but it also helps to build trust and productivity company-wide.

Simply put, workplace communication is an essential tool in any company’s ability to operate smoothly and successfully. Here are six of the key reasons why your organisation should be prioritising and working to constantly improve its communication skills.

1. Trust building

An open line of communication between coworkers allows for a more harmonious, collaborative work environment. A transparent workplace that gives employees constant feedback, defined expectations and keeps them informed and connected are key elements of building trust.

These are all signs of an organisation with strong communication skills, and the ability to be honest and direct with their staff. This in turn can break down outdated hierarchies and create a workplace that truly works as one strong team.

2. Improves engagement and productivity

Effective communication can also lead to increased productivity throughout your organisation, as employees feel more connected with their work and the goals of the company.

In many cases, this means that employees will feel more motivated to put their best foot forward and do work that they’re proud of. Feeling passionate and genuinely involved in a workplace is a great motivator, and makes for happier employees and clients.

3. Provides opportunities for knowledge sharing

An open line of communication allows for employees to be constantly sharing information and learning from these interactions. Everyone has different strengths, and by encouraging communication and collaboration across different departments everyone can learn from one another’s knowledge and skills.

This can mean that employees have an influx of innovative ideas and grow and develop at an accelerated rate, creating a high-achieving and fast learning team.

4. Establishes a healthy workplace culture

One of the most beneficial parts of your workplace having strong communication skills is the culture that it creates. Communication is the cornerstone of workplace culture, fostering meaningful relationships between coworkers and establishing feelings of trust, respect and understanding.

Thriving workplace culture can also lead to higher employee retention, more effective teamwork and a more productive environment. Studies have shown that organisations with effective means of communication are 50% more likely to have lower turnover rates, showing just how much workers value this from their employers.

5. Better management

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Communication is one of the most fundamental leadership skills and is a crucial part of successfully managing your staff and the company as a whole. Being able to clearly and sincerely communicate with your staff will make it easier to delegate tasks, resolve conflicts and build relationships throughout the organisation.

The sign of a strong leader is not only your ability to communicate with your employees but the ability to give them the tools to effectively communicate with each other too. This is why it’s so important to lead by example and give your team the tools to be the best they can be.

6. Improve workplace safety

Good communication throughout the workplace can also mean that you and your team remain safe and protected while on the job. If you work in a high-risk environment, all team members must be aware of any hazards and the safety requirements they must follow.

Even in an office setting, strong communication can give employees the confidence to speak up when they witness problematic behaviour or see something that isn’t quite right. Knowing that they will be heard and respected can make a world of difference, allowing for the organisation to be on top of any problem within the workplace.

Communication should be a major focus of any workplace, and its benefits are endless. If you’re looking to improve your communication skills, there is communication at work, workplace wellbeing and project management courses available for you to develop new skills and sharpen your existing ones. This way, you can have the tools necessary to improve communication in your workplace and create a fun, rewarding culture along the way.