5 Painting Secrets That Painters Won’t Tell You!

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Painting is considered as one of the most amazing forms of art. It represents different colours and speaks much about oneself, the painter’s aspirations and his surroundings. The quality of the painting is determined by the knack of the painter and the quality of paint used.

According to the Australian council, the household spending on visual arts has been growing over time and spends $100 annually on paintings. This fact definitely depicts the importance of painters for painting interior or exterior portion of your Melbourne’s home.

Looking for Melbourne Painters?

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Planning to renovate your house or office for a new look? Painting is the way through which you can improve the look and feel of different rooms in your house. You can also select various painting effect to add a unique look to your walls. Professional painters can help you fulfil your painting needs and turn your expectations into a reality.

But each professional painter has different methods and preferences, and according to that, they provide aesthetic appeal to your property.


Top Secrets of Professional Painters in Melbourne

Every Melbournian needs a high-quality painter for painting and repainting needs. If you are a property holder, then you will definitely understand the significance of painters in Melbourne. A well-done paint job adds a beautiful appeal to any home, increasing comfort and value.

You must agree with the fact that painting is a daunting task for one doing yourself, but for a professional painter, it is much less. So, how the experts do it? Well, they know a little secret which helps to give your house a completely new look.

Here are the top 5 secrets to help you accomplish professional result on your own:

1. Use Tinted Primer – Perfect Wall Basecoat!

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Most of the professional Melbourne painters fill holes and patch cracks with joint compound. But if you are thinking of applying paint directly over it, then the compound will suck the moisture out of the paint, giving it dull look. These will be noticeable in comparison with other walls. Hence, to avoid that, professionals prime the walls before applying paint.


Tinted primer does the best job of covering the existing paint colour than paint primer. This makes your finish coat more vibrant and requires fewer coats.

Note: Instead of considering white primer, use tinted grey or colour that’s similar to the finish paint.

2. Before Painting Walls and Ceiling, Paint the TrimMelbourne Painters

Several expert painters form a routine and follow step by step process to paint every individual room. And among them, most of the professional painters in Melbourne paint the trim before anything else. The next thing they consider is to paint walls and ceiling. The reason behind this particular order is that it’s more helpful and productive to tape the trim than walls. Working on both things is not feasible!

Note: After painting the trim, allow it to try for 24 hours before taping it off. Also, use simple discharge tape as every professional painter uses it.

3. Painting without DrippingPainters Melbourne

When painting a wall or ceiling, it’s essential to use the right technique to avoid the paint dripping all over the floor. This method involves applying the accurate quantity of paint with each stroke of the paint roller. Use the right amount of pressure to make the paint stick to the walls or ceiling.

After the trim is perfect, take the tape put it on the wall and start taping the trim, covering all the edges.

Note: Don’t ever try to apply too much of paint at once as this can create the chances of paint drips.

4.  Paint with a Telescoping Painters RodPainters Melbourne

At times professional tools make all the difference. In order to quick paint without having to climb up and down ladders, use a telescoping painter’s rod. It is available in approximately 8 feet in length and considers as a great painting tool. You can avoid being splattered with paint as you’re not standing directly underneath the area you’re painting.

Note: If you’re worried about weight, then choose a cheap and light telescoping painter’s rod.

5. Use a Loaded Paint BrushPainters Melbourne

The most common mistake of painting yourselves is to dip the paint brush and wipe it along the side of the paint before applying to the wall. Professional Melbourne painters load the brush at the depth of about 2 inches. They tap each side against the inside of the paint to avoid heavy dips and apply the paint to the wall or ceiling.

Note: The key to the good paint job is to use high-quality paint and the right technique to apply the paint on the surface.


Grab the brush and paint! It sounds simple, but actually, it is the most daunting task if you don’t have any knowledge about painting.

Above are the mentioned secrets used by the professional Melbourne painters which will give an excellent finish. If you are planning to paint your property all by yourself, do consider these professional secrets to get an outstanding painting result. Also, before starting your painting project, read our blog on 10 important things that you need to know before painting a room.