5 Simple Tips To Prepare Your Home For Real Estate Photography

Man photographing empty living room with digital camera

Nowadays, every sector is keen on presenting their products and services through photography and real estate business is no different. Good quality photos have never been more important to sell real estate. Real estate photography is a great way to catch the attention of the prospective buyers.

Melbourne, being one of the most populous cities in Australia, has the booming real estate business. The housing market remains Australia’s best-performing capital for home value growth. Hence, a great competition is being constantly observed in this industry and the properties are being presented in the most fascinated way to attract the prospective buyers.

If you are in search of one such lucrative deal for your property but have no idea about the concept of the real estate photography in Melbourne, don’t worry as you have landed at the right place.

Getting a good deal on real estate photography in Melbourne is not tricky. With a few simple tips along with hiring the right real estate photographer will help you get high-quality and stunning property images.

Let’s take a look at these tips that you must consider for Melbourne real estate photography:

Inside Your Home

Property Photography Melbourne

1. Prepare a standard checklist for your property

No two requirements can be same; hence, it is best for you to prepare a checklist of what are you looking out of your property photography in Melbourne. Like for instance, you may want 2 wide shots of each bedroom, kitchen and living room or you may need single shots of the features of your home like the laundry room, pantry, garage etc.

This will assist your real estate photographer in Melbourne in planning the approach based on your expectations from the photo shoot.

2. Check on your lightings on the previous day of your property shoot

Imagine, on the day of your shoot, you find that your lighting system is having any issues. It can delay your plan. Hence, it is best to check on the electrical fittings of every part of your home to avoid unwanted surprises.

3. Remove the clutter from your home before the shoot

It is normal to find things here and there in your home. But, when you are planning for a professional Melbourne real estate photography, it is best to clear out the mess to get the best outcome. Here’s how you can remove the clutter and make your home presentable to the real estate photographer in Melbourne:

  • Clear off the flat surfaces like countertops, coffee tables and desks.
  • Stack your letter posts and papers into a neat pile towards one corner of your home.
  • Store all the small items in your closet until the photo shoot ends.
  • Dust and Vacuum the entire property
  • Clean the kitchen sink and put away all the dishes
  • Hide all trash cans


Outside the Home

Melbourne Real Estate Photography

4. Clean your backyard and your garden space

  • Have the lawns, bushes and trees trimmed and the leaves raked.
  • Put away all the garbage cans, hoses and the garden tools.
  • Open the umbrellas on any patio sets.
  • Make sure to remove any seasonal decorations in your backyard.
  • Consider adding splashes of bright coloured flowers to the landscape and in pots.


Right Before the Photographer Arrives

5. Tick of the below points to ensure you are all set for the real estate photography in Melbourne

  • Turn on all the interior lights, including the lights in the furniture cabinets
  • Light up the fireplaces and candles
  • Open all the blinds, shades and curtains to let in the direct sunlight
  • Clear all the cars and vehicles from the driveway and the street in front of your property


Get Ready To Increase Your Property Value 

A well-staged home is much better to photograph. Bookmarking these tips while hiring the efficient real estate photographer in Melbourne will help you get the stunning photographs of your property, thereby getting attractive deals. So, keep your property up-to-date with the required arrangements, execute your property photography in Melbourne and last but not the least, enjoy the attractive deals pouring in through the inspiring images of your real estate.