Important Questions to Ask At Childcare Centre

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In every way, parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world. There comes a time when dealing with everyday anxieties and worrying about providing the right facilities to your children becomes frustrating. If you want more time for yourself, then you can leave your child in the care of someone else i.e. daycare in Melbourne.

A childcare centre is a special place that improves the overall development of your child. Thus, choosing the right daycare centre is one of the important decisions. Look for the after-school childcare in Melbourne that suits the highest standard of care and nurturing of child development.

Leaving your child with a stranger might be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know you have asked all the right questions. To provide you with a complete peace of mind that you have enrolled your child in the right daycare centre, here we have compiled a list of the important questions to ask a daycare centre.

#1 Are Your Daycare Licensed?

The procedure of providing a license to the daycare varies by state. There are some states where the unannounced inspections are made to the licensed facilities. They will check that the daycare is clean, children are supervised properly and no complaints have been lodged. Having a licensed daycare also means that all the employees have passed background checks. Thus, asking about the licensed or accreditations is very important.

#2 What is the Age Range of Children at Your Daycare?

One of the important factors to consider while choosing the after-school daycare in Melbourne is what level of children is around your little one. If your child is 3 years old and it is surrounded with 4 newborns, then there is a possibility that your child will not receive the equal amount of attention. And in the reverse scenario, if you have a newborn that will be around a group of 5 years old then you need to worry about the attention provided by the daycare centre.  Choose the daycare having children at the same age and stage so that your child can develop together with equal attention.

#3 What are Your Safety Practices?

It is important to know about the measures taken by the daycare in Melbourne when your children go outside for playtime. Verify that they pay attention to the doors being closed or the identification checking when your child is picked up by someone other than you. Also, confirm that the daycare is well ventilated and has posted emergency methods for earthquakes, fires or other emergencies that may occur in your area.


#4 Do You Include Nap Policy?

If your child has a particular scheduled time of sleeping, then it becomes essential to check for the nap policy provided by the daycare centre. Make sure to ask if they can implement your child nap time routine. There are some centres don’t provide such facilities and you want the same for your child, then keep you should look for the best daycare to suit your needs.

#5 Do You Provide a Comfortable Environment to the Children?

The comfort of your child is one of the topmost priorities for every parent. If it is yours too, then confirm with the childcare centre about what they provide to make your upset child comfortable. Whether they distract them with a toy or do they call you for the help, ask them all to have a peace of mind regarding your child’s comfort.

#6 Do You Provide Sick Child Policy?

Sickness is unavoidable when there are so many children around your child in a daycare centre. Look for the daycare that limits exposure to sick kids. Ask them regarding the sick child policy, under which no children are allowed to be at daycare until 24 hours have passed, in which fever or vomiting has settled down. Rashes, coughs and nasal discharge should also be on the top list and essential to be included in the policy to keep your little one safe.

#7 What is Included in Your Menu?

Proper and Healthy nutrition is very essential for the development and growth of your child. Choose a daycare in Melbourne who includes a variety of foods in their every meal which covers all green vegetables and proteins. Also, a meal including carrots, chicken and apple slices are the best for your child, but if it is served often the baby will be bored. Thus, it is important to ask them that is their meal repeat too often or not.

#8 What is Covered in Your Daily Schedule?

A perfect and reputable after school daycare is able to provide you with a copy of their yearly calendar which includes everything from cultural activities to teaching methods. To choose the best daycare it is important for you to ask what they covered in their daily schedule to get an idea whether your child is getting a proper education or not. Choose the daycare providing a well-rounded schedule that includes everything from daily free play, story time, art, music, snack time, outdoor time and quiet time.

The Takeaway

Going back to work after having a baby is one of the hardest things for a parent. Choosing the perfect childcare in Melbourne will provide you with a peace of mind that your little one is having the proper education and development. Thus, it is very important to pay attention while selecting the daycare/childcare. Here’s our blog post about important tips for choosing the perfect childcare centre for your children.  You can always start doing the research to enroll your child in the best daycare centre. Secondly, consider the above-mentioned questions to ask an after-school childcare. A good provider will appreciate your questions and provides you peace of mind with satisfactory answers.

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