How to Get a Fabulous Painting on a Tight Budget?


Boring walls, dull colours can give a not-so-attractive look to your house. Additionally, if it’s been quite a long time that you have not opted for reviving your walls with new colours, it’s time you give in the shot!

Just look around, get inspired by some beautiful home in Melbourne, feel the change that your home is seeking for and get going! Oh wait, don’t worry about the budget as we will carve your path towards getting a fabulous painting on a tight budget and ultimately, giving a beautiful new look!

The Budget Story

You need to set a budget before starting the painting job. It is essential that you keep a realistic budget based on the following factors:

  • Room size
  • Time that needs to be invested
  • Materials
  • Other additional costs

 Peek-a-boo in the world of paints

One can explore different types of paints like water-based, oil-based, matte-paint, gloss and semi-gloss paint, satin paint and so on. Make sure that the paint you select should be balanced – not too overpriced and not compromise much on quality. When a balanced game is played, the result will surely be by your side.

Game of exteriors vs. Interiors

Your estimated budget for a revamp may vary in terms of whether you are painting the exterior of your home or the rooms inside. So, it is recommended that based on your requirement, consider the estimate taken from a professional painter and figure out your painting needs against your budget. If the budget doesn’t suffice both, exterior and interior, prioritize your need and head on further for your paint expedition.

The high-end look that you must have dreamt of your home is just these steps away! But before that, make sure you have gone through these four points:

  • Figure out your requirements, what you can do yourself and what you need to get it done.
  • Understand, that paying the experts only for the bigger jobs can actually help you save much in the long run.
  • Best is to have some DIY knowledge as it will benefit you in both ways: cost wise and you can paint your walls exactly the way you want it to be!
  • Always keep a check about your expectations against the work done, in short, review it on a timely basis so that it can be corrected, if necessary before you go too far.

So, considering you have gone through the above points, let’s move on to the steps that can bring you closer to your dream of a new colourful abode.

1. DIY painting lessons 

Though the professional painter will advise and give colour consultation, a bit of practical knowledge for yourself along with some tools is not harmful! With some DIY workshops online, get a few handful of tricks that can be tried on smaller and less used parts of your house. Don’t forget to check out our blog on top 5 painting secrets that professional painters won’t tell you.

2. Keep your rollers and brushes covered

Painting your home is not a single day job, so before you decide to stop for the day, make sure you don’t rinse the brushes and rollers, instead just wrap them tightly in plastic bags that are tied with a rubber band. After all, why to waste unnecessary time and paint? Next day when you resume, just unwrap the rollers and move on! How easy and productive!

3. Detail specification of paint products 

Make sure to specify the products and service that you are going to use to the professional painters. This will ensure that the right quality and right price product will be used – precisely aimed to stand by your estimated budget. For instance, using highly durable and washable paints in the exteriors is a wise decision as it will reduce the maintenance expense for a longer time. Ask any professional painter in Melbourne and they will suggest you the same.

Also, cutting down on a number of coats can also let you finish the paint business within your budget.

4. Primer For Better Painting

Primer is not a type of paint but is something that you apply before anything else. It actually helps the paint to stick to the surface, ensuring your colour to come out well and to stay for quite a long time. Though, a primer is not required every time unless you are painting raw wood, stained surface, raw drywall or any rough surface. So, in cases of the budget crunch, having one coat of primer and one coat of paint against three coats of paint is always better and cost-saving affair.

Some of the best Melbourne painters use a primer coat to increase durability and better paint finish.

5. Explore the colour palette 

If you are looking for both – a makeover to your home with some flashy vibrant colours and also a budget sufficing solution, hit onto some groundwork of finding out the shades that you’d like to paint. Just take a picture of your space, select the shade that you want on it, and see the space visualizing it in real. Exploring this process will let you perceive your to-be-transformed place plus the cost alongside, giving you an overall idea on whether to opt for it or not. This will even reduce your re-work, hence, saving time and not to forget, money!


Melbourne has some great inspiration when it comes to painting. The professional painters in Melbourne can surely guide you through the painting process and help with free consultation, but ultimately it is your decision to set the budget.

So, make sure you know the requirements beforehand and don’t overspend.