Households That Need Air Duct Cleaning The Most

Air Duct Cleaning

Heating and cooling devices impact our lives profoundly! For households which have an air duct system, an important part of maintaining the household in top condition is air duct cleaning. Over time dust, dirt and mold may accumulate in an air duct system. This makes duct cleaning essential for households. For a city like Melbourne, there is an ever-growing need for duct cleaning services.

Heating and cooling services are quite popular in the Australia! According to the Australian government heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of the energy use in the Australian homes.

The most frequently used form of heating for the households in Australia in 2004 was gas heaters at 34%. This was followed by reverse cycle air conditioners at 26% and electric heaters at 18% of the households. Nearly 23% of the households did not use a heater.

The three areas with a high number of heaters use were Victoria, Tasmania, and Australian Capital Territory. In these areas, nearly 100% of the households were using heaters. Ducted gas heaters accounted for nearly 16% of the heaters installed in homes.

Air duct cleaning services are most useful for those households which need frequent duct cleaning. Duct heating vents also need to be cleaned during the air duct cleaning. Duct heating service is highly beneficial for improving the air quality at a property.

There are certain households which need the air duct cleaning services the most

1. Households With Renovation And Remodelling Work

When a new house is renovated or remodeled then debris and dirt can accumulate inside the air duct systems. This can cause damage to the life and property if debris is left inside the air duct system.

2. Households With Smokers

Properties where a resident smokes require air duct cleaning more frequently than the other properties. Smoke creates an invisible exhaust which slowly can corrode the interior of ventilation systems. A thin layer of smoke will begin to collect inside the ventilation system and push harmful substances into the air.

3. Households With Pets

Properties where a pet is present need air duct cleaning at least once a year. Pets shed hair and skin which can get accumulated in the air duct systems causing damage to property. Hair can collect and get inside an air duct system and can spread from there all throughout the property premises.

4. New Households

Properties which are new may contain dirt and dust present in the air duct systems. These properties must be cleaned before the residents of the property arrive for the first time a property.

5. Family Members With Respiratory Disorders

Sometimes dust, dirt, mold and pet hair can cause severe physical harm to residents of a property. This is especially true when the residents are susceptible to certain health problems like asthma and allergies. The air duct system during such times needs to be cleaned so that the residents face no health issues.

6. Households With Children

The immune system of children is weaker as compared to the adults. Children who are susceptible to diseases may become ill over time due to bad quality air which they inhale. The air duct systems must be thoroughly cleaned at properties where children are present.

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For cleaning the duct heating vents or the entire system professional air duct cleaning service can be hired. Professional duct cleaning services are efficient and employ cleaning staff which is well aware of the air duct systems. These companies have years of experience working in the field of air duct cleaning.

The duct cleaning services are very good for the environment. There is an additional benefit of investing in such services which is that they help in reducing carbon footprint. There is also a sharp reduction in energy bills.

Once the duct cleaning is completed the residents can enjoy living in an environment which is conducive to health. When we care for our environment only then can we remain healthy and help our future generations to prosper.

Due to these reasons, air duct cleaning services in Melbourne will continue to be popular in the future.