10 Things You Should Know Before Painting A Room

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Painting services have been effective in enhancing the condition of properties, making them conducive to living and increasing the property appeal. Painting dramatically affects the mood of the interiors. It is one of the easiest and least expensive tools used in interior designing. The painting industry in Melbourne is booming with $6 billion in revenue and annual growth rate of 0.6% in 2017 as per the Australia Market Research Report.

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Before going ahead with painting your Melbourne property it is worthwhile to pay attention to the following:

  1. Preparation Is Extremely Important

There are a number of activities required before painting a property. You may need to empty a room before painting it as this makes the painting process easier. Large pieces of furniture are moved to the centre and covered with a cloth. Wiping off the walls removes the dust and dirt from the walls. It also allows the paint to adhere to the walls. Any holes or cracks are filled and adjacent walls, windows and light switches are covered. Drop cloths, newspapers and rolls of cloth must be used to cover the floor.

  1. Paint Colours Need To Be Tested

For Melbourne painting service it is a good idea to buy a sample colour to see how it appears on the walls. The sample paint is allowed to dry and its colour is observed in both night and daytime. This gives a better idea of how the colour will actually look on the walls. Purchasing many samples is a wonderful option and helps in choosing a special colour. You may be surprised with the results, as of how paint appears is dependent on many factors like light intensity, building design, etc.

  1. Experiment With Colour Choice

A professional painter in Melbourne will help you choose from a range of colours including off-white, white and beige. Trying on different colours helps in creating a unique mood in a particular room. Dark colours are used for adding depth and texture to space. This is true of a room with very large and high ceilings. Smaller rooms like a guest bath, no natural light, brighter, lighter colours open up space and make it appear larger.

  1. Paints Have Differing Sheen Qualities

For Melbourne painters, the sheen is as much important as the colour of the paint. The higher the sheen of the paint, the higher will be the shine. High gloss finishes are durable and extremely easy to clean. An eggshell finish has many benefits and is a good option to consider. It is glossier than flat paint finish, easy to clean and does not highlight imperfections as well as is not prone to any kind of damage.

  1. Flexibility Is Helpful

You may find that after painting an area and observing it in a different light is too overwhelming once the walls are finished. Paint is an inexpensive option and can be easily changed. You can paint all over again if you don’t like the colour. If the colour seems too overwhelming for all the walls, then anyone wall can be differentially painted as an accent. You may find that a pop of colour is all that is required.

  1. Determine Optimal Amount Required

For a painter in Melbourne, before painting a room it is mandatory to calculate the square footage of the room. The number of coats of paints to be applied is also calculated. If the walls are primed first, then one coat will be enough and two coats are required if the walls are not primed. This information is very helpful for buying the correct quantity of painting material for Melbourne painters.

  1. Priming Saves On The Paint

Priming is an important step in preparing the paint. Primers seal the wall and provide a base for the paint to adhere to. After the holes are filled priming becomes even more important. The primer prevents flashing or shiny spots when the paint is directly placed. In any case, cleaning is always an important activity for Melbourne painters.

  1. Use A Brush Before Rolling

Wall surface and corners are brushed before rolling. Carefully a good quality brush is used for painting about an inch out from every corner, ceiling and baseboard the areas that a roller cannot reach. The roller is normally used after the brush in order to flatten out marks that go further out than the corner depths. This leaves the surface flat and smooth.

  1. Good Quality Tools And Equipment

The equipment used for painting needs to be high in quality. Rollers are made from fuzzy material putting more than paint on the walls. Any debris such as loose fibres is removed from the roller. Painters tape wrapped backward around the hand can be used to do this. The taped hand is pressed on the roller and works in a similar fashion to a lint roller. Dry paint brushes are rubbed against hand and tugged gently on to the fibres. This ensures that no loose fibres end up in the paint from the brush.

  1. Paint Supplies Come In Handy

All supplies need to be ready before applying the paint. This includes roller extenders, sturdy step ladder and other items. Roller extenders help in reaching higher walls without stretching the arms too high or standing on tiptoes. A sturdy step ladder helps in reaching the top corners of the walls while brushing. Both these items prevent personal harm and injury.


Thus, we see that there are a number of factors to consider before going ahead with a painting job. An expert painter in Melbourne will make the process more efficient and effective. Check out our blog on top 5 painting secrets that professional painters won’t tell you. Careful planning and management will transform your property into a dream place and increase its value immensely. This will be not only a personal gain but also will benefit the society and those who are connected to the property.