All You Need to Know About Factory Seconds

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The economy of Australia has recently slowed down due to the fluctuations in the value of Australian dollars.

Melbourne is currently a home to over 1.7 million households with different income groups. People over here are shifting their preference to alternate options of products that they can get at comparatively low rates. Eventually, the economy change has increased the demand for the deals and discounts on everyday appliances and products.

There are people who prefer to buy only branded appliances, but due to their budget issue, they end up compromising with the non-branded ones. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to compromise, how about considering the option of Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds – The Pocket-Friendly Way to Branded Appliances

Factory Seconds are those appliances that have failed to clear the quality inspection process. They are in a perfect working order, but for one reason or the other, they are not sold at full price. These reasons may include:

  • Ex-display Models

The appliance may have been used earlier as a display model in the stores or are left unsold. Due to this, the stores end up selling at low cost.

  • Run-Out Models

The appliance may be one of the last pieces of a certain model that may have become outdated or overstocked. To clear out their stock, the company may decide to sell as a factory second appliance.

  • Damaged or Missing Box

The other reason for selling the appliance at lower rates than actual is the box cover. The box cover may have been damaged or torn during the transit or it may have gotten separated for some reason and is no longer available with the appliance. So, they end up selling at a lower price.

  • Scratches and Dents

The appliance may have been slightly damaged in the form of scratch or dent, while shipping and handling but it is in full working condition. In such conditions, the stores sell the appliances at heavy discounts, making it a profitable deal for the buyers.

There are many online factory seconds store in Melbourne that also sell brand new appliances which are properly packed. These stores provide every useful appliance like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, television sets, computers and stoves.

The benefit of buying the factory seconds appliance is that they are available at very low prices. In addition, they come with up to 6 years of warranty along with labour and delivered right at your doorstep.

Know What You are Buying

Factory seconds are considered to be wise purchases if done tactfully. After all, considering them over more expensive and brand new products is surely a profitable deal. But, if you are planning to buy white goods in Melbourne, don’t go ahead without considering these factors:

  • Warranty:

It is necessary to check the warranty on the appliance before purchasing. Most factory seconds come with their manufacturer’s warranty, but getting clarity over it will just help you play safer!

  • Functionality:

Generally, the factory seconds come with the best working conditions. However, it is best to test them before making a purchase as it will help you to address the damage if any, at once.

  • Delivery:

The factory second store offers the delivery services at reasonable rates. Hence, make sure that the online store from which you are ordering is providing the delivery services accordingly.

  • Security:

The online store from where you are planning to buy from must have significant experience in retail appliances. It should be reliable and secured enough to let you have a safe shopping experience.


Buying the factory seconds in Melbourne could be an opportunity for you to experience branded appliances at affordable rates. Sometimes, you even get the benefit of around 70% price cut, giving you a great chance to buy the appliance of the brand you love!

So, if you desire to buy a branded appliance for your home and are facing a budget crunch, the factory seconds online store in Melbourne will do the needful. Consider the above factors and enjoy the benefits of the branded appliance at the lowest rates!