How You Can Restore and Revive Your Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture

With its impressive strength, beauty and universal appeal, teak outdoor furniture remains one of the most widely sought after options on the market. Known for its striking golden and dark brown colour, teak can fade into a greyish hue after extended periods of exposure to the outdoors and a lack of proper maintenance. This happens due to its natural oils evaporating and is a completely natural process.

While it still remains as durable as ever throughout these changes, many teak owners prefer to keep their pieces in their original shade. Luckily, it’s possible to restore your grey teak furniture to its former glory and keep it looking brand new even if it’s been neglected. Below, we’ll go through exactly how you can revive your teak furniture and get back that world-famous golden glow.

General cleaning

To get started, you’ll want to lay down a plastic mat under the teak furniture to protect the ground. Then, do a simple cleaning just to remove any dust and grime that may be sitting on the surface of the teak in order to prepare it for the work ahead.

This can be done with a DIY dish soap solution, just make sure that you brush across the grain very lightly. Brushing with the grain can actually push the dirt and grime deeper into its surface and remove more of the grain of the wood.

Repair any damage

After this, it’s time to repair any cracks or holes in your teak if there are any. This can be done with wood filler, or by sanding down any rough bumps or surfaces in the teak. To help make sure any filler or putty you apply adheres to the surface correctly, you can use a sealant afterwards as well.


Sanding your teak furniture will help you to remove its worn-out grey look. Make sure that the furniture is dry before you do this and that you have plenty of sanding pads on you, especially if you have large pieces of teak furniture.

This will remove the ageing surface of the wood while also smoothing it out and removing any rough patches. It will also help even out any repair work that you performed in the previous step.

Rinse and clean

Now it’s time to properly clean your furniture with a teak cleaner. Follow the instructions closely for the specific type of cleaner that you’re using, although generally, you’ll need to apply it to the teak while it’s wet and use a brush or pad to work it into the wood.

Then, let it sit for a while to allow it to properly work itself into the wood. Once you’ve done this, wash off the cleaner with a hose and place the furniture in a sunny spot in your backyard to allow it to dry quickly and thoroughly.

Apply protective sealant

After cleaning and sanding your teak, you should already be able to see a major difference in its colour. But the most important part of this process is applying a protective sealant so that your furniture is able to retain its honey-gold colour long into the future.

Teak sealants work by protecting your furniture from UV rays that alter its golden hues, acting as its own personal sunscreen. Use a paintbrush or a sponge to apply it and keep going until you’ve achieved your desired colour.

By following the steps above not only will your teak furniture be returned to its former glory, but it will remain protected from the outside elements that damaged it in the first place. Regular cleaning of your teak furniture will help to maintain its new golden brown tones and keep it warm and inviting all year round.