How to Minimise the Clean-up after a Big Party

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While throwing a party is great fun, nothing is worse than dealing with the mess the next day. The last thing you want to be doing is smelling the stale beer and cleaning up suspiciously sticky stains when you have a blinding headache.

But what if there were a way to throw an awesome party while minimising the morning mess. Well there is! We have some top tips to help you deal with the clean up without compromising the fun.

Prepare your Party Space

Taking the time to prepare your party won’t just mean it’ll be a success; it’ll also make for an easier clean-up.

Start by defining your party area. Doing so reduces how much of your home you need to clean afterwards. Ideally, host your party outside. It’s quicker to sweep or hose down a deck than deal with carpet cleaning in multiple rooms.

Close doors to any rooms that you don’t want guests to stray into. You can also use these rooms to store precious or breakable objects you don’t want to get damaged during the party.

Once you have the party area defined and closed off, you can give it a quick pre-party clean. Sweep or vacuum floors and wipe down surfaces. This will significantly cut down your post-party clean-up.

When decorating, avoid glitter, confetti and party poppers. As anyone who’s been glitter-bombed knows, removing these materials can be a nightmare. It can take months to get rid of every last speck. Instead, try string lights or paper lanterns to create a party atmosphere.

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Limit Mess during your Party

It’s a party, so there’s going to be a mess. You need to accept that from the start and not let it ruin your good time. However, there’s plenty you can do to minimise the amount of mess that’s made.

For starters, try to serve food and drinks that aren’t especially messy. Avoid finger foods that are slippery or require a lot of sticky dripping sauces. While barbecue ribs are delicious, they’re way too messy for a good party snack.

It also helps to set up clear and obvious rubbish points. If there’s a convenient bin to throw empty bottles and cans in throughout the night, that means less work to do in the morning.

Additionally, make sure your dishwasher is empty before the party begins. This way, you can fill it as the night goes on, rather than letting dirty plates and glasses pile up in your kitchen.

You could also use disposable plates and cutlery. When guests are finished, they can just pop them into the rubbish.

Finally, be prepared to spot clean throughout the night as needed. Have some paper towels and cleaning products on hand to prevent stains. Cleaning a stain from carpet is much easier when it’s just happened than waiting until the party is over. However, don’t go overboard with the cleaning throughout the night. You don’t want to be a buzz-kill.

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Clean up before Bed

Doing a quick clean up after the party before you go to bed can significantly reduce the amount of work that has to be done in the morning.

Start with leftover food and drink. Store what you’d like to keep and throw out the rest. Read our another post on “How to Deep Clean Your Home

You can then move onto dishes and glasses. Load up and start the dishwasher before you go to bed. This means most of the dishes will be done in the morning and ready to put away.

With a cleaning spray, wipe down all surfaces you can. This could include kitchen benches, the dining table and coffee tables. Doing it now rather than in the morning can stop stains from taking hold.

Finally, if you have the energy, do a quick sweep and vacuum. The aim is to get rid of the worst of the mess. There will likely be more to handle in the morning, but you can sleep soundly knowing it’ll be a quick job to finish.

Call in the Professionals

If things get out of hand, don’t worry. With the professional tools and know-how, a cleaning service can make short work of even the biggest clean-up jobs.

So next time you host a party, cut down on clean-up time with these handy tips. Then you can enjoy spending time with friends and family without worrying about mess.