How to Maintain a Clean Working Environment

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A clean working environment is beneficial for many reasons. Besides helping to minimise the spread of harmful viruses, a clean and hygienic workspace can improve employee wellbeing and increase productivity.

While your commercial cleaning team should be taking care of the regular office cleaning, there are plenty of little things you can do throughout the day to keep your office looking its best.

Start by reminding your staff of the importance of general cleanliness. Provide helpful information on the importance of cleanliness to workplace safety and how office hygiene will prevent the spread of virus and cross-infection.

Provide Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Make sure your office is stocked with a full range of cleaning products including paper towel, surface cleaners, detergents and hand sanitiser. Try to stock eco-friendly and low-allergen cleaning products where possible. Ensure all staff know where the cleaning products are kept and encourage everyone to clean up after themselves throughout the day.

Provide Plenty of Clearly Marked Bins

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve needed to throw something away but unable to find a bin. Ensure this can’t happen in your office by making sure there are plenty of bins available. Make them clearly visible by using bright colours or signs.

Don’t forget to have separate bins for recycling and general rubbish. These should be clearly labelled.

Organise Clean-up Days

Just as you may designate a weekend to clean up around your home, set a day or two to deep clean the office. It can be a refreshing experience for everyone. Designating a specific time can be more effective than asking employees to find time around their work.

Employees should focus on their own workstations, getting rid of any rubbish and tidying up their space. They may also like to sanitise high-touch items, like keyboards and phones.

Set Standards for Bathrooms and Lunchrooms

Everyone should show respect to one another at work and this includes how they use the bathroom and lunchroom. These rooms should ideally be left in the same state or better than they were found.

Speak to your employees about maintaining good hygiene standards in these spaces, as well as keeping them generally tidy for everyone to freely use. For instance, encourage staff to replace toilet paper if it runs out and to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher after meals. These simple acts take only a few seconds but can make a big difference.

Provide Storage

Offices can get cluttered quickly if there is insufficient storage available for workers. Employees may need space to store important work, like hardcopy documents and files, or personal items, like snacks. Providing this storage space gives them an alternative to storing items on or around their workspace.

Aim for a Paperless Office

A paperless workspace doesn’t just benefit the environment. It also makes it easier to keep a tidy office as there is less paperwork floating around.

Discourage printing unless absolutely necessary and ensure all staff every all the equipment they need to do their work digitally.

Hire Professional Cleaners

While your employees can help to keep the office tidy, it is not their responsibility to clean it entirely. Instead, you should hire a commercial cleaning service to get the job done. With professional equipment and training, hired cleaners will do a better job than any employee.

Get your office tidied up today. Encourage employees to do their bit and you’ll all experience the benefits of a clean workspace.


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