How to Host an Awesome TV Viewing Party


Sometimes the best thing about watching a TV show is getting to experience it with others. And the best way to do this is with an awesome TV viewing party. Whether it’s watching the final episode of a hit TV show,experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event like a royal wedding,or you’re getting the crew around for the AFL Grand Final, it’s always better with friends.

But hosting a viewing party involves more than getting out the chips and dip and sitting some mates on the couch. A great TV viewing party takes some planning and some creativity. To get the most out of the event, you need the right equipment, the right atmosphere and the right small touches.

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But, you’re in luck. We’re going to run you through the basics for planning out the best TV viewing party.

  • The guest list

Send out the invites however you like – text, social media, even old-fashioned paper – but lock those numbers in.Confirming how many people you have coming will help you ensure you have ample seating space for everyone. Nothing ruins the big final episode like having to stand the whole way through.

  • The menu

Food and TV go hand in hand and you can have some fun here by matching your food and drink to the viewing. Settling in for a Lord of the Rings marathon? Then go for rustic fare likes meats, cheese and art is anal breads with mugs of beers and mulled cider.

If you’re watching the My Kitchen Rules finale, maybe you could get everyone to bring their favourite dish from the series. Have a look at our blog on the Hiring the Right PA System for Your Wedding

Of course, you don’t have to go for a theme when it comes to food and drink. Most important is making sure there’s enough to go around and that you’re serving food that won’t distract from the TV too much. Aim for finger foods that are quick and easy to serve so people won’t have to miss the show while they pile up a plate.

  • The theme

Make your TV viewing experience immersive by asking guests to dress up and decorating your house accordingly. For sports events, consider decking out your living room like it’s a corporate box at the stadium. Set up fully stocked food and drinks tables, get some sports memorabilia up on the walls and make sure everyone comes in their team colours.

For events like the Melbourne Cup, make sure everyone is dressed in their race day best or get everyone dressed up as their favourite movie character for your next Oscars party.

A well thought out and properly executed theme can help to take you out of the plain old living room and make you feel like you’re at the event or inside the show.

  • The TV

To really take your viewing party up to the next level, you need to do better than just rolling out the living room TV. Hire yourself some seriously good audio visual equipment. You could get a full projector and projector screen setup. You could even consider speaker hire to help pump up the sound system.

  • The after-party

Just because the show or movie may be over, it doesn’t mean your party has to be. Have a think about what you want to do to keep the party going. For a movie night, a movie themed playlist or the movie soundtrack may be enough to keep people in the mood as the credits start to roll.

For the super fans, you could organise some themed trivia based on the movie, TV show or sports event.

If you’re just planning on turning the TV down and turning the music up, think about what you can keep on the TV (with the sound off) to keep everyone in the mood. For sports events, highlights compilations from previous big games are a great way to stay in the sporting mood.

While watching TV on your own can be relaxing, it’s hard to deny that a TV viewing party is more fun. With some easy planning and even hiring out some specialist audio visual equipment, you can throw the best TV viewing party ever. That is, until the next big TV event comes around and you get to do it all again.