How To Choose The Right Cattery For Your Cat?


As per the Pet Ownership Statistics by Australian Veterinary Association, cats are very popular among the Australians with the ownership of nearly 2.7 million pet cats. Catteries, also known as cat hotels or kennels is a hygienic enclosure for pet cats and is a safe resting place. There are a number of services provided to the cats to ensure their comfortable stay at the cattery.

In a busy city like Melbourne, catteries play a very prominent role, especially when per owners are seeking a safe place for their cats to have a peaceful stay.

Importance Of A Cat Hotel:

  • Cat remains safe in a cat hotel
  • Presence of healthcare facilities
  • Pet owners can be content about cat well being

Tips For Choosing The Right Cattery For Your Beloved Cat:

  • The Cattery Must Be Hygienic

It is important to consider that the place where the cat is going to stay is clean. When the cattery is clean, there will be no exposure to harmful diseases. The cats who visit the cattery will be safe and healthy. When the cats are healthy, the owners will also be safe to be with their lovely cats.

  • Presence Of A Veterinary Expert

When a cat is to be sent to a cattery, it is essential to ensure that a veterinary expert is present at all times at the cat hotel. Cats might need medical attention anytime, especially when they catch a disease or are injured. A well qualified and experienced vet is always preferable to treat your cat, while you’re away.

  • A Staff of Qualified Cat Sitters

Who will take care of the cat when you’re away for some important work? Always check with the staff who is going to take care of your cat in the cattery. A well-trained and experienced cat sitter will easily be able to understand your cat’s requirements, including food.

  • Emotional Well Being Of The Cat

Cats become attached to their owners and residents of a property where they stay. Extra steps must always be taken to make the cats feel happy at all times. A cat must not be sent to a cattery which is lonely, because then the cat will feel isolated. A lively place with lots of fellow companions can entertain your cat.

  • Separate Personal Space

A cat hotel must be well equipped so that every cat can find a resting place. This resting place must be personal to the cat. If pets are put all together, then they may feel overwhelmed. We need to make sure that a cat has its own private place to rest.

  • Cat Grooming Facilities 

Cats like to groom themselves often and keep clean. Some catteries can provide grooming facilities to the cats. This includes a nice bath with hair and nail grooming. This will boost the confidence of the cats. It will also help cats stay neat and tidy.

Cat Boarding Melbourne

  • Cats Must Not Feel Lonely

Cats need private spaces for rest but they must not be left completely alone. The presence of other cats and cat sitters can be beneficial to the cats. A cat can learn many things from other cats and share love with them. Cats like to be loved and may demand attention. Check if the cattery in Melbourne has both indoor and outdoor chalet style housing, for your cats to wander.

  • Safety Of The Cat

After all it is the safety of the cat which is of prime importance and cannot be done away with. When the cat is safe, the owners can be content about the cat. Always be sure to check that the cattery you’re considering is licensed and registered with the relevant local authorities. In this way a cat hotel can help keep pets safe and secure from outside world. What is better than this for our wonderful pets?!


Trusting a cat boarding Melbourne facility to look after your precious perts while you’re away on holiday can be tough. So, to have your peace of mind, do your research first. Opt for the cattery who are genuine animal lovers and have time and interest in ensuring that your pets are OK during their stay.