How to Choose Healing Crystals that is right for you

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Healing crystals have the power to help with a wide range of ailments, from helping to manage pain to dealing with respiratory and circulatory problems. However, a crystal is only at its most powerful when it is suited to its user and in tune with their intentions. But how do you know which crystal is meant for you?

Understanding the powers each type of crystal possesses is the first step to finding your perfect crystal. You can then choose one, or a combination of crystals, to suit your healt requirements.

To help you get started, these are some of the more commonly used healing crystals and their powers.

Clear Quartz

Prized for its purifying energy, clear quartz is said to help many people gain a better perspective and understanding on life. It can clear away the negative energies that are making it hard for you to see the truth of an issue.

Rose Quartz

Good for all kinds of relationships — romantic, familial and work — rose quartz can bring peace and tranquillity to a relationship and space. Many also believe it can help with emotional traumas and issues.


Jasper can empower your spirit, supporting you in times of stress. It does this by absorbing negative energy while encouraging courage and confidence. Jasper is a must-have if you’re facing any big challenges.


If you want a stone for protection, obsidian is a good choice. It can ground you and make you feel safe as you embark on a new spiritual journey. This stone can also make you feel stronger mentally.


Citrine’s orange colour perfectly matches the light and warmth many feel from this stone. It is popular for dealing with negative emotions, like stress and anxiety. When bathed in sunlight, its powers for manifesting are greatly improved, particularly for creative intentions.


Acknowledged by many as a good luck charm, turquoise is thought to keep your emotions balanced and your spirit grounded. Any crystal collection is improved with turquoise.

Tiger’s Eye

Like jasper, tiger’s eye can help you see clearly in difficult situations. It can improve your motivation while absorbing any fear, anxiety and self-doubt. Many crystal practitioners find it helpful for manifesting intentions around their careers.


Calming and relaxing, amethyst is a favourite for meditating. Some people say it helps them see beyond the noise of daily life and to tap into their intuition and inner knowledge. It can also be used to clear a space of negative energy.


Just like the moon, moonstone is thought to have a cleansing power. It can also help nurture feminine energy.


Some people believe this stone encourages you to live in the moment. You may find yourself feeling more creative and less irritable or impatient when you regularly work with bloodstone.


Sapphire is synonymous with wisdom. This stone may help you find your inner wisdom by opening yourself to the power of intuition. Many people also find themselves feeling happy and at peace when around sapphire.


Thought to improve your energy and vitality, the ruby’s power can affect many aspects of your life. From romantic to intellectual pursuits, you may find yourself becoming more aware of the situation and therefore better able to handle it.

But What Crystal do I Choose?

Step into any crystal store and you’ll see hundreds of crystals for sale. This can make finding the right crystal for you a real challenge. That’s why we recommend following these three steps.

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1. Notice your intentions

We all want something different from life: love, happiness, money, inner peace. It may even be a combination of things.

Before you step foot in a crystal store, think about what you’d like to change in your life. You may even have a feeling of loss or like something is missing. Meditate on this and think about which crystals listed above may help.

For instance, if you’re looking for a romantic partner, a combination of rose quartz and jasper might help. Rose quartz can help manifest romantic intentions, while jasper can provide you with the courage and confidence to start and continue this journey.

2. Let your intuition guide you

Once you have an idea of the stones you’re looking for, you can start shopping.

When you enter the store, notice which stones you are drawn to. These may be samples of the stones you identified in the first step, or they may be ones you hadn’t considered.

Don’t ignore your intuition. You may feel a pull from a certain stone or even like it’s speaking to you. This suggests there is a powerful connection between you and the stone. Choosing this stone may lead to better results.

3. Try manifesting

When you’ve found a stone that calls to you, try it out. Hold it in your hand and think about your intentions.

How does the stone feel in your hand? If it feels like it is resonating with your intentions, this is an excellent sign.

It can take time and patience to find the right crystals for you. However, once you’ve found them, your healing routine will be much improved. Don’t forget to take good care of your crystals, and regularly cleanse and charge them. They may become less effective if you don’t.