How much are Caesarstone Benchtops?

Caesarstone Benchtops

Caesarstone Benchtops – Calculate the Cost

If you’re looking for stone benchtops in Melbourne, you can quickly get overwhelmed by the range of choices. Between the different types of natural stone, engineered stone and laminates, it can be hard to know where to start.

One quick and easy way to cut down on your options is to set yourself a budget. However, when it comes to kitchen benchtops, the final cost can vary immensely depending on your choice of material, finish and sizing specifications. So, once you’ve set your budget, you need a general idea of what the different materials are going to cost, so you can determine whether or not a particular material fits into your budget.

To help you better understand how benchtop pricing breaks down, we’re going to run through the general costing for Caesarstone benchtops.

Select Your Materials

Before you look at pricing, you need to specifically look at which materials you’re interested in. Different materials (and different colours and finishes) can vary significantly in price point.

Browse the manufacturer and distributor websites, work out which products and finishes you’re interested it, order free samples and visit the showrooms to really get a sense of what the material is like and how it looks and feels.

When it comes to Caesarstone benchtops, browse the Caesarstone website for a detailed rundown of product specs and information.

Once you have an idea of the materials you’re interested in, you can start to work out the pricing for your benchtop project.

Working Out Costing

When working out the cost of your Caesarstone benchtops, you need to start with looking at the general slab prices. Slabs will vary in cost significantly depending on the cost tier of the category you’re choosing from.

This is a general cost breakdown (in Australian dollars)for slabs (3050 x 1440mm slab size) across four of the Caesarstone categories.

  • Standard ($): $ 1,800
  • Deluxe ($$): $ 2,200
  • Supernatural ($$$$): $ 3,200
  • Supernatural Ultra ($$$$$): $ 4,900

Please note that the prices above are just a general guide. Slab prices will vary depending on distributor or stonemason.

Once you have worked out what a slab costs and estimated how many slabs you’ll need, you should have a general idea of the basic slab cost.

Besides the slab cost, these are the other cost factors you’ll need to include in your overall pricing.

Thickness and edging

Slabs come in a standard range of thicknesses: 13mm, 20mm and 25mm. You can also build up the thickness of the benchtop depending on your requirements. Obviously, increase the thickness of the benchtop will increase the overall price.

A range of different edging options are also available. In general, more decorative edging will add additional costs onto your slab. Edge styles include pencil edge, bullnose, splayed, sharknose, mitred apron and more.

In general, add around $130 per linear metre for your thickness and edge profile (based on a common 40mm mitred edge).


Cutouts are required for cooktops, sinks, taps etc.). Each cutout will incur additional charges. Your stonemason will be able to giving you direction on the general costing for cutouts.

In general, sink and cooktop cutouts are around $300-$350, although cutouts can be free of charge for some standard size drop-in sinks or cooktops.


Your stonemason or builder will be able to quote you on delivery costs. Delivery costs will vary depending on your location, accessibility and the size and scope of the project.


Again, your stonemason or builder should be able to provide you with a general quote for installation costs at the start of the project. Installation can be priced at a square metre rate or according to the complexity of the project.

As you can see, determining pricing for stone benchtops in Melbourne is not as simple as just working out a square metre rate. When it comes to Caesarstone benchtops, you’re best off speaking to a reliable and experienced stonemason. Once they have a good idea of your project and specifications, they can do the hard work and present you with a range of accurate cost estimates across a range of materials.