Hiring the Right PA System for Your Wedding


Your wedding will be one of the biggest events you’ll ever plan. And amid the search for the dress, the venue, the cake (the fun stuff), it can be easy to overlook something as pedestrian as the PA system.

However, getting the PA system right means that the speeches will be heard, the band will sound great and you won’t have to worry about technical difficulties disrupting the wedding.

A quality PA hire company can help you put together the perfect speaker hire and PA system package for your wedding. But they will need some information about your upcoming wedding.

So, here’s what you need to think about to make sure you get the best sound system for your wedding.

Wedding size

Are you having a small wedding or a large wedding? The size of your audience will help to determine your speaker hire requirements. For audiences of around 50 people you can probably get away with a single microphone and stage-mounted speaker.

Once the audience gets to around 100 people of larger, then you will need several speakers placed around the venue to ensure the sound carries across the entire area.

If you’re testing your system in the venue, it’s also worth bearing in mind that the sound will carry further and with more echo across an empty room. Once the venue is full of people the sound will be muffled by the crowd and more volume will be needed to cut through the ambient noise.


Location and venue

Another important factor to consider is your wedding location and venue.

Beach weddings can be beautiful,but the wind and wave scan quickly whip away your words.If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you need to consider the how much background noise you might be competing with, like wind, waves, traffic and other groups of people.

An outdoor wedding will likely require more powerful speakers than an indoor wedding of the same size. You may also require a more durable, outdoor-appropriate and weather resistant system for an outdoor wedding.

For an indoor wedding, the venue size and acoustics is another important consideration. A small audience in a large venue may still require a powerful system to overcome the echo and ensure the sound carries across the entire room.


When it comes to microphones, there’s a few things you need to consider. For example, how many people will be using the microphone and how far will the microphone have to travel?

If you have one stationary MC and some speeches, then a single wired microphone may suffice. However, if the microphone needs to move around for the ceremony or speeches, then you might want to use a wireless microphone. This allows for freedom of movement and means you won’t get tangled in microphone cables.

Hands-free headset microphones can also be useful, especially for the priest or celebrant during the ceremony.

You should also consider what the microphones will be used for. For example, if you have a live band, they may need specific types of microphones for singing or amplifying the music.


Your PA system requirements will be hugely affected by your music requirements. If you’re having a live band, you need to know what their sound system requirements are and ensure that they can plug into the PA system. A live band will also need speakers with a more a dynamic sound range than the basic speakers designed to amplify voices, as well as multiple microphones.

For DJs, you need to find out what equipment they are bringing and ensure that they have everything needed to plug into the hired system. You also need to find out if the DJ needs a separate microphone.

In general, it will be easiest to put your band or DJ in touch with your PA system hire company and let them work out the requirements, rather than trying to be the go-between.


While you’re thinking about the PA system, you should also think about the extras you might want to hire to really make the day complete. This includes things like lighting, smoke machines, projectors and video screens.

These can be especially valuable during the speeches if people want to display photos or show videos. And a party-style lighting set-up can really help to kick off the later part of the evening once all the formal stuff is done with.

Making sure you have a comprehensive and professionally planned PA system is essential for a smooth and well organised wedding day. Always talk to the PA professionals to get the best advice and make sure all bases are covered.

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