How to Hire the Right Photographer for Commercial Photography?


Photography is a fine art that requires spending the time to take some good shots. Professional photography has become very popular today as we need professional photographers for personal and corporate photography.

If you are in a city like Melbourne, you will see photoshoots happening very often. As the city is so scenic, people prefer shooting portrait photography in Melbourne city. Not just that, many corporates have a special emphasis on commercial photography in Melbourne. People have developed taste for good photographs and that’s why photography has become so popular today.

Photography Industry in Australia

The statistics are enough to show that photography is an important industry in Australia. The photography industry in Australian region earns annual revenue of $985m with a growth rate of 1.2% every year. The photography industry employs about 12,000 people, including headshot photographers, portrait photographers, and commercial photographers.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2007 at least 13.7% of the photographers were involved with paid employment. The 2011 census showed that the photography services surged by 5.5%. In fact, 71.9% of photographers are involved with professional, scientific and technical services with the majority of the photographers residing in the state of New South Wales followed by Victoria as per the Australian Government.

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How to differentiate between a good and a bad photograph?

If you have an upcoming photography project and looking for commercial photographers in Australia, including Melbourne or Sydney, you should list down your requirements.

Whether you need headshot photography in Melbourne or any other major city or you are looking for portrait photography in beautiful cities like Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin etc., you should hire a professional.

Go through the portfolio of commercial photographers and shortlist your choices.

If you are an amateur in the photography world, here are few common errors which you should look out for when shortlisting photographers:

  • Blurry Images: Sometimes images may become blurred with the object and surroundings not clear to the viewer decreasing the quality of the image manifolds.Blurred Vision
  • Chromatic Aberration: This is a kind of defect which occurs due to the dispersion of light from the camera lens. Colourful bands are visible around objects in the photographs making the photographs appear erroneous.

Chromatic Aberration

  • Shallow Depth of Field: When large apertures are used, the images have a shallow depth of field and the objects in the background of the main object appear blurred.Shallow Depth of Field
  • Lens Flare: When direct light hits in front of the lens then a flare appears which makes the dispersed light visible as colorful circles in the image.
  • Over Exposure: A lot of light can enter the lens during the time a photograph is being shot and the resulting image is that which contains a lot of white space in the pictures even more than what may seem to be normal.Over Exposure
  • Red Eye Effect: When a person looks directly into the camera in dimly lit place and a flash is used, the light entering the eye is reflected back by the retina and the eyes of the object appear red.Red Eye Effect
  • Underexposure: Too little light is recorded in the photograph and the areas in the image appear darker than what they must look like.
  • Vignetting: Many times the center of a photographic image may appear brighter then the corners, such a situation is known as vignetting. It can also be created during editing phase to bring attention to the center of the picture.Vignetting
  • Image Noise: The appearance of speckles in the images is known as image noise and it causes substantial damage to the image quality making the image look like it is filled with grains.

Start your Photography Project!

Photography will continue to be popular as the visual medium has become so popular. The future of photography is quite bright and we will see a marked improvement in the ways in which photographs are used.

If you have a photography project in mind, just start researching for your needs. Go online and check out few portfolios of commercial photographers in Melbourne and shortlist your choices. Compare and shortlist the photographers, and get started!