Why You Should Hire a Licensed Local Residential Electrician?

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Reliable Residential Electrician is the way towards safety!

Electricity manages almost everything in a house and a small mistake can generate huge problems. Therefore, when it comes to electrical work at home, you need to be sure that the expert you are hiring is a licensed local residential electrician. Wondering why it is so important? Further reading can solve your queries!

It might come as a shock to homeowners to discover that, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion in property damage. Therefore, as prevention is better than cure and to avoid a number of cases associated with electrical fires, hiring a professional is the most convenient choice one can go for.

But there are individuals, who choose to hire the services of a non-licensed electrician for half of the price compared to a proficient electrician. Basically, the electricians work for $30-$50 an hour or more depending on local rates and their qualifications.

At first, the non-licensed electrician will appear to be cost-effective but later will lead to additional maintenance and repair cost. As a non-licensed residential electrician do not take enough time to examine your electrical issue which causes additional cost due to poor service within a short time to maximize the opportunities for other customers.

Here is the blog which will sum up some of the important reasons why you should hire a licensed local residential electrician.

1. They have proper training

If you would choose licensed electricians, then you don’t have to worry about an efficient electrical service they provide. Licensed electricians have gone through training, essential to do the job safely and correctly. Along with this, you will also obtain the guarantee when you will hire the licensed residential electrician.

2.Offers Warranty

By getting a warranty you will be assured that a product or a service is of high quality. When a local residential electrician offers you a warranty, it suggests that he is promising you that his work is efficient. By giving you a warranty, he is also providing his reputation as an electrician and gaining trust from customers. In addition to it, you will get what you are really paying for – A reliable electrical service!

3.Provides safety in the long-term

Did you know the fact that 21% of electrical injuries (including arc flash) tended to be permanent? So, to avoid any permanent damage it is essential that be safe by hiring a local residential electrician. Also, when it comes to air con installation, you need to consider certain factors before hiring them.

These professionals identify any hazards that could harm the home and its occupants. Which suggests that when the job had been done, all the safety problems will be addressed and you can have a complete peace of mind related to the electrical work completed?

4.Usage of appropriate tools and equipment

Let’s be real here! There are many situations created in our house where you try to fix the minor electrical problems by yourselves. You tend to call a professional electrician in South Yarra for help only when the problem is too big to be handled by you.

Such problems required specialized equipment and expertise. A professional has access to top-quality tools and equipment which one might require for fixing an electrical fault. Due to this, the possibility of occurring damage would be decreased and also reduces the time taken to fasten the issues.

5. They can get it done right the first time

Are you thinking that you don’t need that licensed tag to fix something as small as a fuse? Think again!

As per Population Survey Monitor for May 1998 and February 2000, “In 1968, 232 persons died in fires, and 87 of these (38%) were killed from a fire in a private dwelling.” Also from this big issue to a small problem like blown out fuse is a result of a fault in some electrical equipment. Only a professional electrician in North Melbourne would be able to detect the cause of the blown-out fuse and fix it to stop a persistent problem.

A local licensed residential electrician in North Melbourne would know what the issue was and would be able to fix it permanently.


After listing all these reasons to hire a licensed local residential electrician, you won’t think of hiring someone without asking for a license. Would you?

Don’t risk the protection of your family and hard-earned savings by hiring an unlicensed electrician. Instead give yourself a peace of mind, by hiring licensed electrician!!

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