7 Gutter Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Melbourne is the second most liveable cities in the world. Real estate market is booming here. With more and more people migrating to Melbourne and the real estate prices rising tremendously, Melbourne residents understand the importance of regular home maintenance.

Regular home maintenance is crucial for keeping up your abode. From inspecting and repairing electrical systems, keeping your air conditioning unit in its pristine condition to keeping your drains and plumbing in working order, everything plays a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of your property. But, unfortunately, one of the most important home maintenance that is often overlooked is “Gutter Cleaning” in Melbourne.

When left neglected, it can cause some serious water-related damage such as foundation issues, basement flooding, mould and mildew and even structural problems. Find out what happens if you don’t clean your gutters? It is highly recommended to opt for a professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne, at least twice a year. There is no denying that gutter cleaning seems to be an easy task, but once attempted you might notice that it’s much more dangerous than you would have ever thought.

Climbing up on a high ladder without proper safety gears can result in a slip or fall and result in some serious damages and injuries. Even when working with Melbourne gutter cleaners; it’s still possible to make such mistakes. Regardless, if you are attempting a DIY approach to clean your gutters or hire a gutter cleaning company, listed here are some common yet life-threatening mistakes that you need to avoid.

Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Putting heavy pressure on ridge caps

Ridge caps add depth and dimension to your roof while providing significant protection at the highest-stress roof areas. A heavy foot or pressure on these volatile parts of your roof can lead to premature cracks and even, which eventually can lead to water leakages. Whenever possible, try avoiding putting too much pressure or stepping on it.

  1. Power washing Gutter

It seems tempting of the DIY lovers to power wash the gutter and get rid of all the dirt, leaves and debris in no-time. Unfortunately, the perfect idea of power cleaning the gutter and blast all the grime and sediment off and out of the gutter is only partially perfect. When not done properly, this machine can blast your gutters too. This will raise the need to retrieve and recover the gutters with the help of the professionals.

Moreover, using tools like a leaf blower or shop vac will blow debris into the air which often ends up on the roof or windows or other parts of your property.

If you are going to power wash your roof gutters, ensure that the machine is set to low-level pressure to avoid any damage. The best way to avoid this hassle is to call the professional gutter cleaners in Melbourne to do this tedious task for you.

  1. Improper ladder

Though extension ladders are crucial for roof access, they can create unsightly damage when not used cautiously. Resting the ladders directly on the gutters can easily dent or scratch them. In worst cases, gutters can become dented and gave drainage issues. You can use standoffs on your ladder to avoid damage.

Additionally, inspect the ladders for any cracks or loose hardware. Don’t forget to note the duty rating or maximum load capacity of the ladder to avoid collapse.

  1. Overreaching

We understand that ladders are heavy and awkward and repositioning the ladder every time you want to move can be quite annoying and time-consuming. Thus, it seems tempting to lean and reach out as far as possible. This is one of the major DIY mistakes. Doing so can make you lose your balance and lead to a dangerous tumble. Although it is frustrating, we recommend you to don’t overreach or try to lean to one side. Instead, climb down and relocate the ladder nearer to your work.

  1. Improper safety gear

Melbourne Gutter cleaning is one of the dangerous home improvement projects. Balancing yourself two stories up to clean your gutters can be sometimes risky. To protect yourself from injury or death, ensure you always take safety precautions.

  • Eye protection – you never know what can fly out of that downspout. Eye gears are essential to safeguard your eyes from flying debris, roof shingle granules, twigs, pebbles and any unwanted creatures.
  • Hand gloves – Protect your hands from injuries and surprises like twigs, stones and broken egg shells. A set of good quality and sturdy gloves with a good grip can provide an extra layer of traction. It will also protect your hands from painful cuts and bacteria-filled debris.
  • Footwear – Wear clean shoes with rubber soles and good tread to prevent slip and fall accidents.
  1. Not having a spotter

Step ladders can be hazardous as they give a false sense of security. When braced against the ground, the user doesn’t feel the need for a spotter. Regardless, of the size of the ladder you use, having a second person to hold the base of the ladder and acting as a ground spotter can always help.

  1. Cleaning in a wrong manner

The last and the most common mistake that people make during gutter cleaning in Melbourne is doing it in an entirely wrong way. You should never lie on your stomach on your roof while digging debris and leaves out of your gutters. This is not the safe way and you could injure yourself by straining your muscles or falling off the roof. Make certain that you have an assistant who can hold the ladder and bring any needed things.

In A Nutshell:

Above mentioned are some tips that can be made during gutter cleaning task. Taking proper precautions while cleaning gutters is a key to accomplish the gutter cleaning job safely and successfully. However, for many homeowners, gutter cleaning is simply too physically demanding and risky. These homeowners can take help of professional gutters cleaners in Melbourne and have a safe and dry home, inside and out!