7 Effective Tips And Tricks For Spring Gutter Cleaning

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In Melbourne, spring is around the corner! It’s the time of the year to shed winter blues and welcome the warm and beautiful spring season. As the spring approaches, people start talking about the spring cleaning. With all the important home cleaning tasks that pile up in the spring, it’s easier to forget about the spring gutter cleaning in Melbourne. But beware! This daunting chore holds the utmost importance in keeping the foundation of your home intact.

It’s of pivotal to ensure that your gutters are in good shape. Are you following any of these 8 common gutter cleaning myths? If yes, its high time to clear your doubts.

A clean and properly functioning gutter drains the water from rook and funnels it away from your place, and keeps your abode protected from the water damage. If failed to do so, you can face the significant issues in your home including water leaks, foundation issues and mould formation.

Now that the spring is here, it is essential that you are vigilant in keeping your gutters clean of all the accumulated debris, especially if your abode is surrounded by a lot of trees. Dead leaves, seeds, pollen and dead leaves can accumulate together and cause the block gutters if left unattended.

Listed here, are the few great tips and tricks for safe and effective Melbourne gutter cleaning this spring. These tips include:

  1. Get the Proper Tools

Before you climb upstairs and start your daunting task of gutter cleaning in Melbourne, ensure that you are well-equipped. You should have:

  • Gloves: These not only keep your hands clean but also provide protection against metal screws and pieces in the channel.
  • Trowel or Scoop: Again, these tools help in protecting your hands from grime and injury. It also helps in speeding up the entire process of Melbourne gutter cleaning, as you can simply scoop and dump.
  • Ladder: Instead of an extension ladder, opt for the tall step ladder. This provides better stability. If possible, ask someone if they can hold and steady the bottom.
  • Broom: All the leaves and debris should be raked and removed from gutters and roof too. This ensures that the rain won’t push them further into the gutter.
  • Eye-gear: In case, if anything splashes into your face or something sharp get out of the gutter, your eyes are protected. It also helps in protecting your eyes from insects and other critters.
  • Garbage bag: This helps in cleaning up things easier.
  1. Stay Safe on Ladder

It might not be visible to you but your gutters could still be filled with debris. Make a use of the ladder to get to the eye level to see what’s inside the ladder. Remember to always use a safe and sturdy ladder, preferably the one with a strong shelf which can hold the bucket that you can fill with the debris.

Melbourne gutter cleaning experts highly recommend using the fibreglass or aluminium ladder. However, the fibreglass ladders are heavier and can be tiring to continually move around your house. Also, consider having a friend or family member hold the ladder for you.

  1. Keep both feet on the ladder, all time

Yeah, it seems tempting to stretch yourself to get few more inches cleaned. But unknowingly, you’re are taking your weight off of centre and leaning. Don’t do that, it’s dangerous. Kindly get down and move the ladder. After all, it’s better to lose a few minutes of time and do some extra labour, than paying a visit to an emergency room.

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  1. Wear Dry And Rubber Soled Shoes

There might be the case when you necessarily need to go up on the roof to clear debris and certain parts of the gutter. In such cases, make certain that you are wearing rubber-soled shoes to prevent slippage.

When you climb up and down the ladder with the wet feet, you are more prone to accidents. You might be using a water hose to clean your gutters, ensure that the water doesn’t splash onto your shoes. Also, take care that you don’t end up creating a wet pool around your ladder. You can always keep a towel handy to dry your shoes before climbing up.

  1. Be Mindful While Cleaning around Power Lines

Is your gutter around a power line cable drop from the power pole to a roof? If yes, perform a cable inspection at the connection point to the roof. This provides the surety that the weather and tree branches haven’t rubbed off the protective wire insulation. In the case of damaged cables, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Seek the help of the licensed electrician to fix the issue. Also, don’t attempt to clean the gutters in the rain. Remember, water is a good conductor of electricity.

  1. Unclog The Downspouts

Once you are done with the gutter cleaning in Melbourne, ensure to run the water hose into the downspout with full force. If the water backs up out of the top, means a clog is present. This can usually be cleared by tapping on the side of the downspout. If this fails to unclog the downspout, remove it and flush from the bottom.

If the downspout is connected to an underground drain, ensure to disconnect its bottom from the drain. This restricts the clog to move into the underground drain. It’s recommended to wear the protective eyewear while unclogging the downspouts.

  1. Seek The Help Of The Professionals

Perhaps the biggest tip of gutter cleaning is to opt for the professional gutter cleaners in Melbourne. If the job is too big or your house is over one storey, better seek the help of the professionals. They are equipped with the experience, expertise and tools to get the job done efficiently and safely. While DIY approach seems to be tempting as it can help you save money, remember nothing is more important than your own life. Better hire the professional gutter cleaners in Melbourne who specialise in their work and have all the tools and manpower ready!

Final Thoughts:

The gutter is an indispensable piece of the infrastructure and protects your house from standing water and debris. As such, it should always be well cared for. However, there are always risks associated with the gutter cleaning in Melbourne. Thus, it’s better to hire professional gutter cleaners in Melbourne. They also help prevent property damage with their knowledge and expertise. They ensure to get the job done right the first time and with minimal fuss.