6 Incredible Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation

“Kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history – Debi Mazar.”

It’s true! As it is a place where the family can cook together and bond over a hearty meal or snack.

But when we talk about home decor, it is generally the living and the dining rooms that take priority as they are the social areas where everyone comes together. However, kitchens are an integral part of our home too. With the advancement in cooking techniques, people have been spending more time in the kitchen than ever before.

That’s why investing some money on kitchen renovations is a great idea. Research shows that improving your kitchen can increase the value of your house by a substantial amount.

So, if you thinking to renovate your kitchen, here are some incredible kitchen renovation ideas that will inspire you to redo your cooking space:

First Idea

Before: Messy

These pictures of kitchen transformation are spotted on Amazing Spaces Gallery. Using dated wallpapers makes the overall look of the kitchen so cluttered. Also, a traditional wood composite with messy countertop isn’t the best way to create a welcoming atmosphere!
Stamford Circle Kitchen Before
After: Elegant

Breathe a new lease of life into your outdated kitchen with this brilliant makeover! The new kitchen has seen a stunning turnaround, with replacing of dated wallpapers with neutral paint and removal of refrigerator door magnets. It looks much more organized now by removing unnecessary things from countertops and also space above the refrigerator has been organized with coordinating carpet finish space!
Stamford Circle Kitchen After
Simple but efficient kitchen transformation can offer you more!

Second Idea

Before: Gloomy 

When you look at these two pictures of kitchen from IDOLZA Architectural Mood, you will get an idea about how remodeling of the kitchen is performed within budget. Before the transformation, the kitchen looks pretty old-fashioned with brown furniture and combination of same color surfaces.
Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

After: Classy

White is the color of peace! It gives a relief to the eyes and is a very soothing color tone. White color combined in a kitchen décor gives a stylish look. Also, it gives a sense of neat and clean surroundings of the kitchen.

Renovate Kitchens Melbourne

Third Idea

Before: Tiny and Cramped

These two pictures from Design Sponge show a completely new look for the same kitchen. which makes us amazed!

The before picture shows a cluttered and a messy kitchen with stuff lying all over the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Before and after

After: Small but Stylish

This makeover is surely going to be the inspiration for all who are waiting for stylish kitchen transformation within small space. This is a renovated kitchen with a bright, colorful and open space which makes it perfect for cooking and family time!

Fourth Idea

Before: Dull

These kitchen renovation pictures are from ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

We can see a mediocre flooring and boring cabinets. This kitchen surely needs a good renovation for a decent appeal!

Kitchen Renovation Pictures Before After

After: Trendy

The biggest impact of a new kitchen is the white color! This transformation provides an incredible effect with cheerful surroundings. It is also surprising how much light is been reflected because of white paint. Dark lower cabinets keep everything grounded! Adopt this mesmerizing idea for a trendy look!

Fifth Idea

Before: Outdated

Kitchen transformation pictures from Design, Dining, and Diapers by Taryn, is just inspirational!

Before the transformation, the kitchen was outdated which is commonly you have seen everywhere in your relative’s house. Also, the boring platform color makes it a dull addition to the old appliances. Let us see this custom kitchen design ideas and how it resulted in a  surprising remodeling!

Before and After Kitchen Makeover

After: Contemporary 

Here is the transformed kitchen without spending a ton of dough by just painting the cabinets and new lights or wood tile flooring. The cabinet is been replaced with the shelves on the left and concrete countertops including new appliances make it more stylish and eye-catching!

Sixth Idea

Before: Boring

This kitchen transformation was observed at My Old Country House from Lesli!

Above picture just depicts the feeling of boring and laziness. Without any live color, appliances, cabinets with old designed doors or no lights give us a chance of renovating!

Before Kitchen

After: Lively 

A new kitchen look is achieved by including new appliances, new light fixtures and a sink of the latest design. Cabinet doors have been replaced and drawer fronts and just gave everything a fresh coat of paint for a much lighter and lively look. This is how the whole kitchen is been transformed into a magnificent and stylish look!Kitchen Renovation


After looking at these incredible kitchen design ideas, you will see how much scope is there for kitchen renovations. So, invest in remodelling your kitchen and enjoy the new look and feel of your kitchen.