Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Debutante Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding gown or debutante dress isn’t just about picking the dress you fall in love with. We’ve all been there before. The gown may look stunning on the rack, amazing on the model but once you put it on it draws attention to all the wrong places.

Shopping for a wedding dress can quickly become disheartening and frustrating as dress after dress just doesn’t feel right, fit right or look right.

When it comes to shopping for gowns, it can help to narrow down the selection before you start. And one great way to do this is by eliminating dress styles that don’t complement your body type.

So, let’s have a look at the different body types and the dress styles that suit them.

What body type are you?

Firstly, you need to figure out what body type you have. While you can generally do this by eye, it can help to take some measurements of your shoulders, bust, hips and waist.

These are the most common body types:

  • Straight/athletic: Your measurements will all be roughly the same, although your waist might be a little smaller
  • Inverted triangle: Your hips will be smaller than your shoulders and bust
  • Pear: Your hips will be wider than your shoulders and bust
  • Hourglass: Your measurements will all be roughly the same, except your waist will be at least 25% smaller than your hips

Dress for your shape

Debutante Dresses

Once you have determined your body type, you can start to look for dress styles that suit your shape.

These are some of the common gown styles together with the body types they suit.

Empire – Straight/athletic, Pear

Empire dresses are known for their fitted bodices and slightly higher waistlines with loosely fitted skirts. They can be wonderfully ethereal and complement a straight/athletic body shape. An added bonus for petite ladies is that they can give an illusion of height without the effort of heels. An empire dress can also be a good choice for pear-shaped bodies.

A-line–Any body type!

A-line wedding gowns have fitted bodices, similar to empire dresses, but the skirts flare out more. It can be hard to go past an A-line dress as they work with almost every body type. But, if you’re looking for something that hugs your curves, it might be worth trying another style.

Mermaid and trumpet– Hourglass

Mermaid and trumpet dresses are great choices for hourglass figures as they show off natural curves. However, this means they are generally form fitting. Mermaid dresses are tight until the knee and trumpet dresses until the mid-thigh, so if you’re worrying about being a little constricted, you might want to try another style.

Ball gown – All body types!

Plenty of us have dreamt about a Cinderella-esque ball gown for our wedding. Embrace your inner princess because this style works for all body types.The full skirt works to add curves to straight/athletic and inverted triangle bodies, while also covering large hips and defining waists on pear and hourglass figures. If you’re petite though, try to find a ball gown with a little less material to the skirt so you don’t seem to disappear into it.

Sheath – Straight/athletic, hourglass

Sheath, or column, dresses are form fitting and follow a body’s natural line. For that reason, they look fantastic on both straight/athletic and hourglass figures. They can also add extra length to petite frames, like empire dresses.

Knowing what styles of dress will flatter your figure can make shopping for wedding gowns or debutante dresses far easier and less stressful. Feel confident knowing the style will suit your shape and you’ll cut a stunning silhouette.

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