Benefits of Window Frostings at Work

Window Frosting Melbourne

Window frosting is about more than aesthetic. Done correctly, it can benefit your business in a range of ways, from improved security to quicker cleaning times. Read on to find out what your business stands to gain from frosted windows.

Improved privacy

One of the more obvious benefits of frosted windows is improved privacy. Window frosting can be used on glass partitions and walls, like those around your boardroom or executives’ offices. This can be helpful when meeting with clients, interviewing new hires and presenting sensitive or private information.

You can also frost exterior windows to prevent passers-by from looking in. This can minimise the chance of outsiders seeing personal information on computers. Additionally, your employees are likely to work better if they feel they are not on display to the outside world. This can be a serious issue for offices situated on main thoroughfares or in busy CBDs.

Improved security


Keeping your business safe and secure is essential and frosted windows can be an integral part of any business security strategy.

With frosted windows, passers-by and potential thieves cannot see directly into your premises. This makes it harder for them to judge if they should risk breaking in. They cannot get a clear idea of what other security measures may be in place, like cameras or guards, nor can they determine if there are items of value. Therefore, frosted windows are a low-cost but highly effective break-in deterrent, improving the overall security of your business.

Additionally, certain frosted windows are shatterproof. So, if someone does try to break in through your frosted windows, they may find it extremely difficult. This can in turn buy time for your other security measures to come into action, like security guards responding to suspicious noises.

Maintain natural light

Natural light can lift your employees’ moods and even make them more effective workers. But ensuring natural light in your workplace can often come at the cost of privacy and security. However, with frosted windows you can have the best of both worlds. These windows maintain, if not improve, your business’ privacy and security, while letting in natural light.

Additionally, frosted windows and natural light can be part of your strategy to run an energy-efficient office. With plenty of natural light, you can use fewer lights, which means a reduction in your power bills.

Improved professional branding

Frosted windows can also be a simple yet effective way to make your business appear more professional through branding. You can customise the window frosting in order to promote your brand, including using your logo and company motto.

Reduced cleaning time

Surprisingly, frosted windows can also reduce the time it takes to clean your office. As you no longer need window coverings to keep your office private, cleaners do not need to spend time wiping down fiddly blinds. Instead, they can quickly clean the windows.

And since frosted windows are designed to be opaque, streaky glass is no longer an issue. This can also contribute to a quicker clean as cleaners do not need to use strategies to avoid streaks.

Frosted windows are a simple but effective way to gain multiple benefits for your office or business. You can improve your premises’ privacy and security while maintaining natural light, promoting your brand and reducing office cleaning times with this easy decision.

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