6 Hobbies You Can Pick Up at Home


If you’ve got some free time on your hands, it’s only natural that you should want to make the most of it. However, the sad truth is that so many of us waste our time sitting on our phones or watching TV, putting that precious time to waste.

The good news is that there’s plenty of hobbies out there that are easy to pick up, and that won’t break the bank, either. Your hobbies should never feel like a chore, so don’t feel obliged to stick with one even if it’s not turning out as you’d hoped. Feel free to experiment around until you find the one that’s just right for you.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled this list of 6 great hobbies you can start all at home.

1. Making your own beauty products

Most of us probably wouldn’t like to think about the amount of money we spend on beauty products every year, let alone how much of those products goes unused. Many of these products also contain questionable ingredients, even if they’re labelled as “non-toxic” or “cruelty-free”. The truth is that none of us really know what goes into our beauty supplies, or if our favourite brands are as ethical as they claim to be.

Plastic Bottles

This is why making your own beauty products from scratch is such a great idea. It gives you complete control over what goes into your supplies and onto your body. Whether it’s makeup, face masks, moisturisers or exfoliating scrubs, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of easy to follow recipes online with cheap, accessible ingredients. Simply mix everything together, place them in plastic bottles and you’re good to go!

2. Gardening

Whether you have a huge backyard or a humble balcony, gardening can be a therapeutic and satisfying hobby to take up. While it does require consistent work and effort, the results can be rewarding and give you something to be proud of when your friends and family come over.


It’s also a great excuse to get outside, enjoy the sun and get some light exercise while you’re at it. All you need to get started is some cheap packets of seeds, some soil and some pots if you’re working on a balcony or growing indoor plants.

3. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a formal, visual and artistic approach to handwriting. In an age where typing is the new norm, it can be meditative and relaxing to go back to the old school approach. It also allows you to get creative and explore different sides to handwriting, making it as bold and beautiful as possible.

While it will take a bit of practise until you can perfect your craft, calligraphy will give you something to work towards and aspire to. Watching your growth over time can be extremely rewarding and there are plenty of online tutorials and classes to get you started.

4. Knitting

If you’re looking for a hobby to help calm you down, knitting may be the one for you. Its repetitive motions have a soothing effect and it’s something you can do anywhere, whether it’s on the train to work or in your doctor’s waiting room.

It’s also productive and rewarding, giving you the opportunity to knit your own clothes and accessories and even make things for your friends and family. Once you get really good you could even sell your creations online, giving yourself a solid side hustle and something to be proud of.

5. Learning an instrument

Many people decide against learning how to play an instrument due to their age, viewing it as something that should be started as a child. But the truth is that it’s never too late to learn an instrument. While you may not go on to play professionally, that’s not to say that there’s nothing to gain.

Learning an instrument is fun, can introduce you to some great new people and is great for your brain, specifically your verbal memory and spatial reasoning. Whether you aim to learn the classics or start composing your own music, learning an instrument can be an excellent method of self-discovery and personal growth.

6. Painting


Learning to paint is another great way to let your creative juices flow and explore a different side to yourself. It’s a great way to forget about the outside world and get lost in the task at hand, reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation.

Painting can also be an excellent way to preserve or improve your mobility, especially as you age. Whether it’s still life or something more abstract, whatever style you choose to paint in can bring great benefits mentally and even physically.

When it comes to the right hobby to pick up, there’s no right or wrong answer. Get started today, explore your options and find something that works for you.