5 Signs Your Rangehood Needs Repairs

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The rangehood is one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen, keeping the air clean and your family safe from pollutants, smoke and grease. It also plays a role in ensuring the longevity and maintenance of your kitchen, stopping excess steam from causing your wall paint to peel and tiles to loosen.

To successfully keep pollutants out of your kitchen and maintain its appearance, your rangehood needs to be in good working order. Unfortunately, they’re not indestructible, and there are several tell-tale signs that your rangehood may need to be replaced or repaired. In this article, we’ll explore the most common signs of rangehood damage and what it could mean for your kitchen.

1. An increase of smoke in your kitchen

The main purpose of a rangehood is to prevent smoke from accumulating in your kitchen, so if it’s failing to do this then something is very wrong. Sometimes this may be due to something as simple as the clog needing to be cleaned, but it often is due to fan failure. This means that the fan is failing to absorb the smoke that’s being created, causing the smoke and grease in your kitchen to build up and leave a lingering smell.

You can first try to fix this problem by cleaning the fan blades and their tray, and then check the air filter for anything that may obstruct its airflow. The air filter is responsible for removing particles and smoke in the air and then pushing or recirculating it out of your home. Luckily, this problem can be easily fixed by professional rangehood repairs, who generally will replace it with a new filter that’s made from either metal or charcoal.

2. Rangehood is louder than usual

If your rangehood seems to be getting louder and louder with each use, this could mean that there’s an issue with its motor. You can start by trying to fix this issue by giving the motor a thorough clean and making sure that this issue isn’t due to a buildup of grease and cooking residue.

If this doesn’t help, you’ll need to call in the experts to find out whether your rangehood motor needs to be either repaired or replaced. It could also be due to some component of the rangehood coming loose or getting jammed, which can cause a humming or vibrating sound and potentially lead to more damage over time.

3. Control buttons aren’t working properly

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If the buttons that control the fan or the light on your rangehood aren’t working properly, the first thing you should do is check the condition of the fan itself. If the fan seems to be in good working order, it’s probably an issue with the circuit board that’s causing this issue. This can be rectified by a repair specialist who’ll be able to get to the root of the problem and recommend either repairs or the installation of a new rangehood.

If you do need to get your rangehood replaced, make sure to double-check the product warranty to see if it’s still in effect for your current one. This will save you from any unnecessary costs and make this entire process easier and more affordable.

4. Broken lights

One of the best parts of the rangehood is their built-in lights, which make it easier to prepare your food and clean up the mess afterwards. If the lights are no longer working, make sure that it isn’t just an issue with the bulb. If the bulbs still have some juice left, they might not be turning on due to a problem with the hood light switch or the rangehood’s circuitry. Here are the different approaches you can take to lighting your kitchen.

Repairing either of these problems can be somewhat complicated and technical, so we recommend calling in the experts to avoid doing any further damage or putting yourself at any risk.

5. A high build-up of oil

Oil can build up pretty much anywhere in your rangehood, whether it’s in the motor, throughout the ducting or even in the switches. This can cause many problems and even become a fire hazard, and is a sign that you’re not taking proper care of your rangehood.

The filters need to be changed and cleaned regularly to avoid this and keep it running smoothly and successfully as the years go by. Most of the time this can be fixed by simply giving it a thorough clean, although in some cases the damage is too far gone and the entire thing may need to be replaced.