5 Hidden Consequences of Not Cleaning Roof Gutters

Roof Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

Each year after the spring and fall season, there comes a reminder for you – it’s time to clean your roof gutters. However, a majority of you consciously skip this! We agree that no one likes to do this part of cleaning job and when you already have a tight schedule to follow, you have a very strong reason to avoid the gutter cleaning work.

But, the truth is that if you ignore the gutter cleaning job, you will have to bear the consequences that are worse than the efforts that you put into cleaning. Generally, a majority of you are just aware of one consequence when you don’t consider a roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne and that is – your property can be damaged due to water, especially after heavy rains. Well, things are much more complicated than this.

Let’s go through some of the little-known consequences that you can face when you do not choose to clean your roof gutters.

What Can Unclean Roof Gutters Lead to?

#1 Increasing Pest Issues

If your roof gutters are not cleaned for a long time, it is obvious to find them filled with leaves and other debris. The accumulation of dirt, dust and debris is one of the most favourite places for pests like mosquitoes, mice, squirrels and birds to reside.

On the other hand, the presence of pest will not just damage the exterior of the property, but the clogged and damaged gutters will cause cracks and holes in your foundation and walls means, these pests can easily enter your home. There is no surprise that what can pests do not only to your property but also to you and your family.

#2 Growing Allergies/Diseases

If your property is facing water damage due to overfilled roof gutters, it means there are high chances of mould in the home. The higher pollen counts will eventually make life more difficult for you and your family who suffer from allergies or are easily prone to sickness.

It is best to resort to regular gutter cleaning, which will further help you to find moulds and treat them then and there before it turns out to be a threat to your family.

#3 Structural Damage of the Property

It is important to understand here that finding structural damage to your property is more alarming than finding just a few water leaks. If you have not opted for roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne from quite a long time, the clogged gutters can lead to serious issues like shifting the foundation, causing soil erosion, destroying your garden area, creating cracks, flooding the basements and so on.

Not only this but as your siding starts to rot, the chances of water seeping into the walls and windows increases tremendously. Once your property starts experiencing these, it can get very expensive for you to fix these issues and to bring your property back to its original condition.

#4 Extensive Roof Damage

If the clogged gutters have the potential to damage the structure of your property, imagine what it can do to your roof – where the gutter already exists. If you think that fixing the roof damage is quite easy and won’t cost you much, you are wrong! Fixing the roof damage can turn out to be quite expensive.

Heavy rains and snow can cause a lot of problems while even increasing the risk for ice dams on the roof. This typically occurs when the melting snow on the roof backs up and refreezes. If you do not solve the problem, you may even have to consider replacing the roof a lot sooner than you probably thought. Above all, the majority of insurance policies won’t even cover this type of damage, leaving you to shed a lot of bucks.

#5 Unpleasing Aesthetics

Who likes to have a shabby-looking home? Even though you have great interiors, if the roof is damaging the exterior of your property, the aesthetics are bound to be unpleasing.

So, if you take pride in your beautiful home, neglecting roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne is surely a bad idea. The clogged gutters can really look dirty and untidy. And, when this starts damaging the walls and windows of your property, the passersby are surely going to notice the appalling state. Are you fine with seeing your property getting aesthetically weak?

It’s better to opt for gutter cleaning before it’s too late. If you are unsure of cleaning it, below-mentioned is a brief guide on the ways that can help you clean your roof gutters.

How to Clean Your Roof Gutters?

The good news is; you can clean the gutters by yourself if you have all the essentials required in the process. Also, research and get some knowledge on the precautions that you need to adhere to before you go ahead with cleaning the roof gutters.

  • Prepare yourself before you begin with the cleaning task. Safety essentials like a dust mask, heavy work gloves and goggles are a must here.
  • Start blowing with the help of a leaf blower or a hose.
  • Purchase the gutter cleaning kit (you can get it easily in the market) that can connect to your leaf blower.
  • Once you have blown the dust, dirt and grime from the roof, there will still be remains that you will need to remove with your hands. So, you can clean this by using a gutter scoop or even a garden trowel.

There is a technique to follow in order to avail the best results. Begin the cleaning job from the drain outlet that is present near the low end of the gutter. Once you accumulate the dirt, simply dump into a bucket that you will be carrying along to dispose of the grime. It is best to resort to gutter cleaning work when the leaves are not soggy and are slightly damp.

Well, the cleaning is not just limited to gutters. Make sure to clean the grime and leaves even from the roof so that it doesn’t accumulate in the gutter again the next time it snows or rains.

In case you do not want to take the hassle of roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne or if you have any concerns about safely climbing up and down the ladder, then your safest resort should be hiring a professional roof gutter cleaning company.

So, whatever way you choose, the important thing is to ensure that you are cleaning your roof gutters, especially after spring and fall, to ensure that you, your family and your property stay safe and secure.