4 Reasons To Get Custom Mirrors

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Don’t like the idea of having a normal full-length mirror just hanging in your hallway? Well, with the help of a local glass supplier, you can order mirrors that are customised to your liking. You can customise the shape, the dimensions and even the frame itself. A custom mirror can do wonders for your home or your place of business, both in an aesthetic and practical sense.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss four reasons you should get custom mirrors.

1. Illusion of space

Have you ever seen those fitting rooms that don’t seem to end? Well, clothing stores are able to create that illusion of space through the use of mirrors.

In your home, you can use this optical illusion to your advantage. For example, if you feel that your hallway is a little cramped, you can try placing a mirror at the end of it. It will make the hallway seem more spacious than it actually is.

One of the good things about custom mirrors is that you can get in whatever size you want. So, if you want a mirror that covers a larger portion of your hallway, you can order one with the exact dimensions that you need. Additionally, if you really want to make the most out of the illusion, you can even order a frameless mirror.

2. Can cover up flaws on your walls

When you think about mirrors, you probably only think about what’s in front of it. But what about what’s behind it? Indeed, custom mirrors are great for hiding certain parts of your walls.

For example, let’s say that your roof has a water leak. The moisture will most likely find its way to your walls and start causing damage. The painting will likely peel and there might even be slight warping as well. You call up a repair specialist, but you’re told that it might take a few weeks before they can visit your home. Additionally, you might discover that the repairs will cost you a pretty penny. In this case, you can use a custom mirror to hide the damage instead. If the damage doesn’t warrant a big mirror, you can simply order a smaller mirror.

Custom mirrors can also be used to make your place of business look more on-brand. For example, let’s say that the office that you’re able to lease has an exposed brick wall in the conference room. However, you might want the aesthetic of your office to be minimalistic and modern. In this case, you can simply order a custom mirror that covers the entire brick wall.

3. Spreads light

Mirrors can also be used to spread light around your property. If you find that your office isn’t getting enough natural light, try placing a large mirror near the windows. This will lighten up the room and make it seem more spacious.

In movies, filmmakers use this tool called a reflector to spread the light that’s coming from a single source. A mirror is essentially a more reflective version of a reflector and therefore can be used for a similar purpose. At night, if you only have one light source, a mirror can be used to spread the light around. This will reduce your need for more artificial lighting, thus reducing your overall energy consumption.

4. Personal flair

Lastly, a custom mirror can also be used to personalise your space. Maybe you drew a mandala and want to use that design for a round mirror frame. Maybe you want your family crest reflected in the lounge mirror. Whatever it is that you want to represent, you can convey it with a custom mirror.

Customised services are also very useful if you have a place of business that needs to follow a particular aesthetic. Whether you run a colourful clothing store or a neat and professional office, you can get the exact type of mirror that you need through customisation.

The best part about custom mirrors is that no matter how decorative you make it, it still has a practical purpose. You can still use it to fix your hair and outfit. If you want your own custom mirror, contact a local glass supplier today.