3 Benefits of Horizontal Split Case Pumps

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Horizontal split case pumps have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to their improving technologies and low costs courtesy of leading industrial pump manufacturers. Unlike their competitors, horizontal split case pumps have a shaft that runs horizontally with a casing that’s divided into two chambers. They are most commonly used to transport low-viscosity liquids like unsaturated wastewater or clear water.

This allows it to be used in various industries and applications, such as mining, fire services, wastewater transportation and treatment and the paper industry. If you’re still unsure of whether you should use a vertical or horizontal pump for your business, in this article we’ll explore the many benefits horizontal split case pumps can have for you and your business.

1. Easy installation

Horizontal pumps are much easier and cheaper to install than their vertical counterparts. This is due to the easy access to its internal parts that they provide, thanks to its casing that can be removed at any time. This also makes it easier to clean out dirt and debris that may get stuck in them over time. With the ability to be coupled to a turbine, engine or electric motor, they’re highly versatile and suitable for many different applications.

The nozzles also come with many configurations such as a side suction and a top suction. They’re also perfect for indoor installation, as they require only a small amount of headroom to work successfully.

2. High efficiency

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Horizontal split pumps have generous pump casings that are heavier than usual, specifically designed to handle larger volumes of water and working pressures. In many cases, they can pump thousands of litres per minute, perfect for industrial applications and large projects. How much exactly they’ll be able to pump depends on what model you select and how much you’re willing to spend.

They also have two bearings that are located on either side of the propeller, which are built to handle high levels of vibration that are often caused by water turbulence during suction piping. These features mean that they can be used for many high-flow rate applications that end-suction pumps can’t handle, such as cooling water, portable water and industrial process flows with especially thin liquids.

3. Long-lasting

While horizontal split case pumps often cost more up front than some less powerful alternatives, they require much less maintenance and also tend to last longer. In many cases, this means that, over time, you’ll more than make back the extra money you spent upfront thanks to the money you’ll save on expensive repairs or replacements.

Their durability is thanks to both their heavier design that’s built to withstand more intense vibrations, working pressures and thrust forces, as well as the easy removal of their top casing that allows access to their internal components without disturbing its piping or motor. If any repairs are needed to be performed, most of the time it’ll only take one person to get the job done. This saves both time and money, allowing you to quickly get things back on track and resolve any issues quickly and easily.